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An artist's palette: a thin board with curved edges and a thumb hole, used for paint mixing while painting. Like an artist with their palette.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is palette?

  • By learning from additional data and encounters, artificial intelligence grows and becomes better at what it does. Despite AI’s remarkable accuracy in achieving tone matching according to color theory and design principles, it is consistently requested to use subjective judgment when making adjustments.
  • By applying realistic colors to black and white images, the breakthrough AI tool palette.fm gives them an astonishing quantity of life. With the help of AI, it can quickly transform plain old black-and-white photos into full-color works of art.
  • Photographers, digital artists, historians, and everyone else with an interest in photography may find what they need on Palette.fm since it streamlines the process of accurately enhancing or fixing old photographs.
  • Palette.fm stands out from the competition because of its high-quality, very realistic colorization capabilities. The platform prioritizes authenticity and pays close attention to detail. Several qualities are challenging for colorization software to capture, but an AI-driven tool excels in picking up on subtle details like skin tone, texture, and lighting.
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  • Enhancing Photos with Real Colors

Using AI, Palette.fm gives previously black-and-white photos a stunning new lease of life by adding realistic hues.

  • Adding Vibrant Colors

Using vibrant colors makes it possible to create images that are more appealing to the eye and more realistic in appearance.

  • A Wide Variety of Picture Filters

Add special effects and styles to your photos with your choice of over 21 different filters.

  • Relied on by almost 2.8 million artists and photographers

More than 2.8 million producers and photographers from all over the world rely on Palette.fm because of its reliability and high quality.

  • Artificial Intelligence Colorization

Make use of AI to enhance picture colorization; this will breathe fresh life into your photos and give them more dimension.

  • The light that Looks More Natural and Alive

Take better pictures by adjusting the lighting in your shots to make them seem more natural and alive. This will improve the overall composition of your shots.

  • High-Resolution Outputs

Downloadable finished colorized photographs are available in high resolution (up to 5000 x 5000 pixels), guaranteeing crystal-clear images with all the fine details preserved.

Pros & Cons


  • Palette. fm for picture coloring saves time due to its speed and efficiency.
  • From complete novices to seasoned pros, this tool can handle it all.
  • To increase efficiency, users may upload and colorize many photos simultaneously.
  • Colors that are both accurate and realistic.
  • Easily customizable and quite effective.
  • Light that is vital and natural.
  • Options for making a single payment.
  • Palette.fm provides one-time payment plans, which are cost-effective for those with occasional demands.


  • The free version contains limitations such as picture size and watermarks.
  • While the design is user-friendly, learning the color tweaking tools may take some time.
  • Ads and promotions are included in the free plan, which may have an impact on the user experience.

Pricing & Plan

Free plan

Users who don’t need the entire feature set may utilize the free version.

Paid plan

Upgrade to the paid version, which unlocks more features and capabilities and costs roughly $6 per month.

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