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It will highlight the percentage of the article that is original or human-written vs the percentage that is AI-generated.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Originality AI

What is Originality.ai?

Originality.ai is an artificial intelligence application that checks the authenticity of written content. It provides a variety of tools to help writers and publishers verify their work is of high quality and credible.


  • Plagiarism Checker

Originality.ai compares your material to a vast web database to find any instances of plagiarized content. It emphasizes these points and includes links to the original sources.

  • Readability Scanner

This function determines how easy your material is to understand for the intended audience.

  • Scan History and Reports

You can view previous scans and share reports with others.

  • AI Content Detection

This is where Originality.ai excels. It examines text to detect whether it was generated by a huge language model. This might be useful for writers who want to ensure that their work is original, as well as educators who want to examine student assignments.

How to Use Originality.ai?

  • Some plans have fact checking, but the basic version does not.

  • The free plan does not allow you to upload files or scan URLs.

Register for an account (free plan available).

  • Paste your text or upload a file (depending on your plan).

  • Launch the scan.

  • The tool will check the text for plagiarism and any AI-generated]content.

  • You will receive a report that highlights any faults and sources (if plagiarism is identified).

Who is Using Originality.ai?

  • Website owners and content marketers can use Originality.ai to confirm that their published material is original and avoid search engine penalties for plagiarism.

  • This tool assists writers in demonstrating the uniqueness of their work to clients, particularly if they employ AI research or paraphrase tactics.

What Makes Originality.ai Unique?

Unlike other plagiarism detectors, it detects original content.ai can detect text that was most likely generated by massive language models, providing an additional layer of originality verification.

Originality.ai uses a credit system rather than a monthly membership, so you only pay for the scans you do.

Pros and Cons


  • It claims great accuracy (99% for GPT-4) in recognizing AI-generated content.

  • (Paid feature) It can detect probable factual inaccuracies and assist with content verification.

  • Simple to navigate and understand.

  • Users report receiving helpful and prompt service.


  • Some users report that the program falsely flags human-written content as AI-generated.

  • While boasting excellent accuracy, several reviewers note irregularities in the outcomes.

  • There are no free credits to try the features before purchasing.

  • Paid subscriptions can be costly, depending on consumption.

Pricing and Plan

On a pay

This is a credit-based system, so you pay one cent for every 100 words scanned. There is no monthly subscription charge, thus it is suitable for occasional users.

Monthly Subscription

This plan is $14.95 a month and includes 2,000 credits that reset each month. It also grants access to premium services such as APIs, team management, and full-site scanning.


Is Originality.ai accurate?

Originality.ai promises high accuracy, notably in AI content detection (99% for GPT-4 and 83% for ChatGPT). However, keep in mind that these are estimations, and it is always better to apply your own judgment in addition to the offered score.

How do I use Originality.AI?

Originality.ai provides a free Chrome extension that allows you to effortlessly check text directly from your web browser. They also offer paid programs with additional features.

How much does it cost?

Pay-per-use (1 cent per 100 words); no subscription required.

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