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Opera Aria

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Aria Browser AI is one of the Opera web browser’s built-in tools that uses artificial intelligence to make your browsing experience better.
Pricing Model: Free
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Opera Aria

What is Aria Browser AI?

Aria uses light and accurate ways for you to understand complex ideas, translate unfamiliar phrases or just to discover something new so that you can continue from strength to strength.


  • Instant Answers

Get instant answers—no search results to wade through. Aria brings you easy responses via a chat interface and saves you time.

  • Up-to-date Knowledge

Aria is kept up-to-date since it has real-time online access that other AI assistants do not have. This means you will be given the most recent information.

  • AI Writer Assistant

Compose features of Aria generates different text formats including emails, social media posts and more. The Refiner tool, on the other hand, lets you optimize or customize the AI’s results for better outcomes.

  • Highlight and Explore

Clear any perplexing web content. Just highlight text on a webpage and aria will analyze it for explanations, translations or deep insights into the subject matter.

  • Compose

Aria’s AI writing assistant can generate many creative texts such as emails, letters and outlines.

  • Refine

Tailor your content to perfection. Therefore, Refine assists in iterating on Aria’s generated text while changing it according to your needs.

How to use Aria Browser AI?

  • Go to the Aria Browser AI.
  • Desktop: Click the Aria symbol in the sidebar or press Ctrl + /.
  • Select “Aria Browser AI” from the main menu.
  • Command line (quick answers). Which is Ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +/.

Who is Using Aria Browser AI?

  • People who want to be able to surf the internet faster than usual.
  • Individuals who do not wish to search through content can save time by Aria’s ability to give responses directly and summarize sites.

What Makes Aria Browser AI Unique?

Other AI assistants may have constraints or need expensive memberships, but Aria is completely free for use on Opera browser.

Aria provides a unique set of content development tools. Composer generates various text formats based on prompts, while Refine polishes and tailors the resulting texts to your unique needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Get information without having to navigate across web pages.
  • Answers are based on real-time online data for freshness.
  • Create text formats and edit your writing.
  • Highlighted text indicates explanations or deeper digs


  • Currently only available on Opera desktop and select Android versions.
  • There may be glitches or limits when compared to established search engines.
  • Although Opera professes to respect user privacy, some users may be uncomfortable with an AI assistant permanently embedded into their browser.
  • Aria’s capabilities may be less advanced than those of specialist AI writing aids or creative tools.

Pricing and Plan


The good news is that Aria, the AI tool included into the Opera browser, is entirely free to use! This means you may talk to Aria, ask questions, and even use its content generating features for free.


1. Is Aria safe for my privacy?

Yes, Opera prioritizes user privacy. Aria can only see the information you share during the current chat session. Aria cannot access your browsing history or data from other web services. To maintain optimum privacy, do not share any personal information with Aria. For more information, see Opera’s privacy statement.

2. How does Aria work?

Aria uses machine learning to assess your inquiries and requests. It then applies its expertise and comprehension of the web to give you with useful responses.

3. Is Aria safe to use?

Opera claims Aria safeguards your privacy and security. Your interactions with Aria are not saved or shared with any third party.

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