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Newswriter.ai is a press release writing tool powered by OpenAI, designed to assist you in crafting attention-grabbing and search-friendly press releases in just minutes.
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What is newswriter.ai?

Newswriter.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that allows you to create captivating, visually appealing press releases in minutes. Newswriter uses GPT-3 OpenAI technology to deliver two services: composing a press release from scratch and enhancing a current press release. You can also use Newsworthy’s news marketing tools to increase the visibility of your story by distributing it to Google News and 500+ other websites.

You can also change and customize the text produced. Newswriter.ai is not a synonym checker. It does not plagiarize or rewrite the existing content of other websites. Instead, it makes original and unique content that you can use for your own purposes. Newswriter.ai is a helpful source for journalists, bloggers, students, and everyone who has to write news fast.


  • Distribution to Google News and 500+ Websites

To help you get your news stories published across various high-traffic platforms like Google News and over many other websites, all these are done seamlessly on Newswriter.ai.

This wide network increases the visibility of news material maximizing its reach and trustworthiness in the digital space. More visibility helps users expand their message with an increased number of views thus increasing traffic to their brands.

  • Access to all of Newsworthy’s news marketing tools

Subscribers have access to Newsworthy’s full suite of News Marketing tools which offer valuable resources for optimizing news content in order to enhance its impact. From headline optimization to social media marketing, these tools are very useful throughout the article creation process.

Through these powerful marketing capabilities, users can significantly enhance the discoverability and engagement of their news stories, thereby generating traffic and achieving their communication objectives.

  • Human Editing Recommended

Although Newswriter.ai uses sophisticated AI technology to generate news articles efficiently, it still requires human editing to achieve the highest quality standards. Human editors imbue AI-generated content with knowledge and judgment that guarantees precision, lucidity as well as coherence in the final product—creating trust between the audience and the author.

Pros & Cons


  • It may help you produce press releases quickly and easily by utilizing GPT-3 OpenAI technology.
  • It can also help you improve your current press releases by offering new ideas and suggestions.
  • It can help you disseminate press releases to Google News and over 500 other websites by utilizing Newsworthy’s news marketing capabilities.


  • It may not always produce accurate or dependable results, so human editing is always encouraged.
  • It may be unable to represent the tone, style, or voice of your company or industry.
  • It may be unable to handle sophisticated or technical topics that need domain knowledge or study.

Plans & Pricing

Newswriter.ai is pleased to provide its novel news production platform entirely free of charge. With the exclusive free plan, users gain access to a slew of sophisticated features meant to streamline the news content creation process. 

Whether you’re an experienced journalist, a rookie blogger, or a company owner wishing to disseminate news updates, our platform has everything you need to write compelling and valuable posts. 

Enjoy unrestricted access to our AI-powered news-generating tools, as well as crucial features like headline optimization and social media promotion.

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