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MotionIt pioneers seamless motion graphics creation, empowering users to craft stunning animations effortlessly, With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of customizable templates, MotionIt transforms ideas into captivating visuals.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is motionit?

MotionIt.AI is one such web-based application that uses GPT-3 and generative AI to convert text into videos, and visual slides. You just need to type in your topic keywords or bullet points and MotionIt.ai will take care of the rest. It would analyze what you put in and provide summary notes for creating graphics, information, icons, and designs for your slides or films.

This AI tool enables you to interact with Google Slides, PowerPoint, or PDF natively for editing and adaptation purposes. It is also possible to export presentations as well as movies so that they can be shared with others on social media platforms.


  • Slide Creation with Power AI

MotionIt is a powerful tool for slide designing that runs on AI technology and it’s good for students, professionals, and businesses. In a few clicks, users can transform their documents into visually appealing slides which help speed up the process of making presentations.

  • Document-to-Slide Transformation

By automating the papers–slides conversion process MotionIt saves its users time dramatically. This ensures a smooth transition from information to presentation format by advanced AI algorithms that analyze them transforming them into attractive slides.

  • Automatic Image Selection

One of MotionIt’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities is the auto-picture selection that ensures pictures are both visually appealing as well as relevant to the context. It allows users to smartly choose images connected with their materials in order to make an impression bigger and clearness enhanced by using MotionIt.

  • Various Services for Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision

MotionIt provides a full range of services, including data analysis, machine learning, and computer vision. Users can use these advanced technologies to improve their presentations and gain deeper insights into their data.

  • Easily exported in PowerPoint and Google Slides

MotionIt integrates seamlessly with popular presentation systems like PowerPoint and Google Slides. Users can easily export their generated slides, ensuring compatibility and accessibility across several contexts.

  • Clear and user-friendly design, with simple navigation

MotionIt’s intuitive interface is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing users to easily browse and use its strong capabilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, MotionIt provides a simple way to create professional-looking presentations.

Pros & Cons


  • The website provides a number of AI-related services, including data analysis, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and chatbots.
  • The website shows some of the company’s previous projects and clients, including Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.
  • The website’s design is clean and user-friendly, with simple navigation and contact information.


  • The website does not provide much information about the company’s history, vision, or beliefs.
  • The website has no testimonials or recommendations from former customers or partners.
  • The website lacks a blog or a news area where visitors can learn about the most recent developments in artificial intelligence.

Pricing & Plans

Free Plan

You can try it once for free. To check if the tool’s user interface is useful for you or not.

Paid Plan

MotionIt provides a subscription service for only $10 per month, which gives users access to a full collection of capabilities to improve their presentation-creating experience. Whether you are a student, professional, or corporate user, MotionIt’s economical paid subscription allows you to easily produce professional presentations without breaking the budget.

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