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Moonbeam optimization with its AI-driven platform, enhance user experience and boost conversions, performance monitoring to personalized suggestions.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is Moonbeam?

It is AI-powered and can examine your content needs before producing original and relevant write-ups for you. You have the choice of different forms of content such as blogs, social media posts, and marketing texts. Moreover, you also have the option to select the tone, style of writing as well as intended readership.

After giving out your content requirements, Moonbeam will offer a variety of options to consider. Therefore, it is upon you to weigh these possibilities against one another to choose the best for yourself. Also, you are allowed by Moonbeam to modify the auto-generated content in order to improve its quality.

Moonbeam is a powerful tool that makes content creation easier and less time-consuming. When you want to make high-quality materials quickly and easily, then use Moonbeam.


  • Smart Chat

The conversational agents are driven by advanced approaches that provide fast suggestions or feedback through enhanced techniques in chatbots using Moonbeam’s intelligent chatbot features for a better communication experience with this platform.

  • Precision Editing

Users can tweak their content with the precision of a needle using Moonbeam’s Precision Editing software tools to meet all the aspects required by themselves before being published.

  • Re-defined Prompts

Creative thinking is transformed once Moonbeam provides redefined prompts to become an inspiration when users have blank ideas and want to create something new.

  • Effortless Content Creation

Moonbeam makes users’ thoughts come into reality effortlessly through intuitive tools, a smooth working approach, and many more.

  • Effectively Organized Workflow

By having user-friendly attributes and interfaces, among other things, that enhance project management and collaboration, Moonbeam optimizes its workflow thereby increasing productivity.

  • Monetize Your Content by Embedding Ads

This would enable them to make money through it such as embedding ads or any other way as long as they do it seamlessly.

  • Subscription Sales

For moneyed artists, this offers an opportunity to receive revenue on a subscription basis which guarantees a consistent income stream from premium content.

Pros & Cons


  • AI-driven writing assistance
  • Brilliant Chat using GPT-4.
  • Efficient content cluster generation.
  • The ultimate text editor offers versatility and rich media integration.
  • Collaborative Features


  • Still in improvement.
  • Requires a monthly subscription.
  • It’s not as popular as other writing tools.

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Plan

You can get a Free trial before purchasing a pro plan to analyze the tool. and get more AI forms for your contents.

  • Standard Plan

Moonbeam’s Pro Plan, priced at $49 a month, is designed for individual professionals. It provides unrestricted access to a variety of features, including long-form writing, social media posts, AI writing tools, Boss Mode for advanced commands and customizations, Moonbeam Chat for instant assistance, Ask Luna for specific writing suggestions, Moonbeam Wizard for intuitive guidance, and a custom style generator. This approach is designed primarily for lone writers working on individual writing projects.

Moonbeam understands the importance of flexibility in today’s fast-paced world and provides a simple and easy-to-understand refund policy. The Moonbeam Pro plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide to make the change but then realize it doesn’t work with your workflow.

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