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Mixo is an AI-powered builder that helps entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their business concepts.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Mixo?

Mixo is an AI-powered website builder that lets you create great websites in seconds with no coding necessary. The AI creates all of the website content based on a brief description provided by the user.


  • Mixo uses AI to construct the first website

It also includes adjustable templates, themes, and a drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to adapt the website to your preferences.

  • Landing page creation

Mixo can assist you in creating a landing page to harvest email addresses or promote a particular product or service, complete with built-in email waiting lists.

  • Gathering consumer feedback

Mixo integrates with email, polls, and interviews, allowing you to contact potential customers and get valuable feedback to validate your concepts.

  • Increase your audience

Built-in subscriber management features enable you to engage with and expand your following. Google Analytics allows you to export subscribers to marketing platforms and track website statistics.

How to Use Mixo?

  • Visit the Mixo website at their website and select one of the “Get Started” options.
  • Briefly define the purpose of your website in a few words. The more exact you are, the more Mixo’s AI will personalize the website to your requirements.
  • Mixo will take your description to create a website concept with text, graphics, and a layout.
  • You can use Mixo’s drag-and-drop editor to further personalize the produced website. Customize the fonts, colors, and layouts, and add your own content.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your website, publish it to go live on the internet.
  • You can then forward the website link to others.

Who is Using Mixo?

  • Small business entrepreneurs can easily create simple websites and acquire leads.
  • Marketers create landing pages and grow email lists.
  • Creators develop websites for personal projects.

What Makes Mixo Unique?

Mixo’s AI and user-friendly interface allow you to construct a website in minutes. This is great for anyone who needs to get a website up and operating quickly but doesn’t have much technical experience.

Most website builders concentrate exclusively on creation. Mixo includes capabilities that enable you to capture leads and get feedback via email waiting lists, surveys, and marketing platform integrations.

Pros and Cons


  • AI-powered website creation takes minutes.
  • No Coding is Required; Beginners will find it easy to use.
  • Built-in marketing tools: Capture leads and collect feedback.
  • Perfect for landing pages, Perfect for lead generation.


  • Compared to other builders, you have less control over the design.
  • AI-generated content may require modification to ensure its uniqueness.
  • It is not for Complex Sites but is suitable for simple websites and landing pages.

Pricing and plan

Basic Plan

This plan begins at $7.00 per month and most likely includes capabilities for building an essential website with limited customization possibilities.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan costs $29.00 per month and probably includes more options such as extensive customization and other functionality.


1. How is Mixo different from other website builders?

Mixo stands out for its AI-powered capabilities. Unlike typical website builders that require manual input for design and content, Mixo creates full websites from a brief description, ensuring that each site is unique and tailored to the user’s business idea.

2. Is Mixo.io safe?

Security. Mixo is particularly concerned about protecting the privacy of your personally identifiable information. We use administrative, physical, and electronic safeguards to protect your information from unauthorized access.

3. How much does Mixo cost?

How much does Mixo cost? Mixo’s monthly price starts at $7.0. Mixo offers two different plans: The introductory rate is $7.00 per month.

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