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Luma AI utilizes high-level artificial intelligence (AI) research to make possible the creation of photorealistic 3D capture, convert texts into three-dimensional content and live rendering of volumetric scenes in 3D.
Pricing Model: Free
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What is Luma AI?

Luma AI is the unrivaled ground-breaking and revolutionary innovation that renders making 3D content so simple like never before. This has the potential to revolutionize various sectors such as gaming, real estate, and e-commerce.


  • Smartphone 3D Capture

The striking feature of Luma AI is its ability to transform ordinary pictures and videos taken by smartphones into 3D models. This eliminates the need for expensive 3D scanning devices.

  • Text-to-3D (“Imagine”)

With this novel function, you may describe a 3D object in plain text and Luma AI will build the corresponding 3D model. This is a significant time saver for designers and creators.

  • Easy to Use

It’s been established that Luma AI is a user-friendly tool that can enable even the complete novices to make exceptional content in 3D modeling.

How to Use Luma AI?

  • Visit Luma AI’s website.
  • Explore the dashboard to get familiar with the layout and available options.
  • Start a new AI task by clicking “New Project” or a similar option.
  • Provide specific input data or project requirements.
  • Select or upload the datasets required for your project.
  • Configure the AI model’s parameters, algorithms, and other preferences.
  • To begin AI processing, click either “Train” or “Run”.
  • Use the built-in tools to visualize data and findings to gain a better understanding.
  • To avoid losing work, save your project on a regular basis.

Who is Using Luma AI?

  • YouTubers, TikTok users, and other social media content creators may use Luma AI’s simple features to give a distinct 3D flair to their videos, increasing engagement.
  • The ability to generate 3D models from text descriptions (Imagine) can save a lot of time for game creators, allowing them to swiftly prototype and iterate on new concepts.
  • Luma AI can be used to build high-quality 3D models of products that can be displayed on websites and in online stores.

What Makes Luma AI Unique?

Luma AI is notable for its user-friendliness. Unlike traditional 3D modeling tools, Luma AI enables anyone to produce 3D content with little technical knowledge. This brings 3D creation to a much larger audience.

Luma AI is particularly unique in its ability to generate 3D models from photographs or videos taken with a smartphone. This overcomes the barrier of costly 3D scanning equipment.

Pros and Cons


  • Generates high-quality 3D models using photographs and text descriptions.
  • Mobile app (iOS) and online interface are both available.
  • Wide range of applications, including content development, gaming, and e-commerce.


  • Because we are still in the early phases, there may be limits and glitches.
  • Currently only available for iOS and the web (no Android app yet).
  • Due to these warnings, exercise caution and conduct research before use.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

Luma AI’s basic functionality is free to use. This enables anyone to create 3D models from images and movies captured with their iPhone.

API Access (Paid)

If you are a developer or need more sophisticated functionality, you can use Luma AI’s API. This is a pay-per-use model in which you are charged $1 for each 3D model generated.


1. How does it work?

Luma AI converts your phone’s photos into 3D models using neural rendering technology. It leverages its AI capabilities to convert your words into a 3D representation when describing text.

2. Is it simple to use?

Yes, Luma AI is meant to be user-friendly. There are two main features: “Capture” (which uses your phone’s camera) and “Imagine” (which uses written descriptions).

3. What are some of the limitations?

Luma AI is a novel tool that is still under development. It may not fully catch all objects or materials, particularly those that are glossy or translucent.

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