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Employ AI to conduct research, strategize, compose, optimize, and ultimately publish content that resonates with your audience.
Pricing Model: Paid
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With the aid of artificial intelligence, LongShot AI helps you to produce long-form content. Blogs, websites, and social media can all benefit from its research, generation, and optimization capabilities. Whatever you want to write about, from complex topics to current events, LongShot AI can handle it. Compared to other AI writing assistants, LongShot AI stands out due to its many useful features.

The most notable feature of LongShot is its fact-checking system, which guarantees that the produced content is accurate and trustworthy in addition to being of high quality. With its Semantic SEO features, users may get a leg up in the content marketing game by making SEO-friendly material.

Integrated Compatibilities

  • Easily integrate with your WordPress site and publish information directly to it.

  • Integrate with HubSpot easily to boost your inbound marketing campaigns.

  • The LongShot AI browser extension makes it easy to use the app wherever you are.

  • LongShot’s API is available for developers to use when creating customized integrations.

To help customers get up and running and make the most of LongShot’s functionality, the developer provides a number of tools, including video tutorials.

You can use it to make long sections of material with ease and speed.

You may improve your content for search engines with its Semantic SEO tool.


  • Generative AI for Fact-Checked Content

This method uses AI to create long-form content that is correct and reliable, and it does this by checking facts automatically.

  • Trusted by more than 100,000 content creators

Leading brands and companies trust us to create content for them.

  • Unique content in 3 clicks

Streamlines the process of making material, which saves time and work.

  • Favorite platform integration

It works well with platforms like WordPress, HubSpot, and others, so publishing material is easy.

  • Semantic SEO features

Make material better for search engines, which helps members improve their SEO game.

Pros & Cons


  • In order to provide specific material for your readers, it provides a number of specialty categories to choose from.

  • It can generate information in up to ten different languages.

  • You and your teammates can work together in real-time due to the application’s team mode.


  • Compared to other AI writing assistants, its price is higher.

  • There are a lot of sectors and subjects that it would struggle to cover creatively and independently.

  • To make sure it’s accurate and of high quality, it might need to be edited by humans.

  • It could struggle with more advanced or technical subjects that require more research or domain knowledge.

  • It might not work well with other platforms or tools you use to make or share content. 

Pricing & Plan

  • Paid Plan

Users can use all of LongShot AI’s features for as little as $16 a month. This includes creating content that has been checked for accuracy and using semantic SEO tools.

  • Free Plan

Users can try out the site and see what it can do for free for 5 days before they have to pay for a subscription.

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