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Lexica, the latest advancement in AI technology is what uses to make it easy for anyone to create professional artworks.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Lexica?

Lexica is a new generation AI powered platform that aims to change how art is created and experienced. With its advanced functionalities and user-friendly interface, Lexica makes it simple for artists and fans to create, discover and manage digital art.


  • Text-to-Image Generation

It’s the main thing. You put into words using a text prompt what you want, and Lexica then uses artificial intelligence to produce an image that matches the description.

  • Search Functionality

Besides, Lexica also enables you to search images that are produced by AI through keywords. It can be a fantastic source of inspiration for your own prompts.

  • Customization Options

Although not as broad as some other art generators by AI, Lexica allows users to choose from various artistic styles and improve their prompt with keywords so as to have more control over the final image.

  • Easy-to-use interface

With emphasis on the search bar and text prompts, It provides a streamlined experience for creating art.

How to Use Lexica?

  • Visit the Lexica website.
  • Enter a description of the image you want (text prompt). The more precise, the better.
  • Click “Generate”. Lexica utilizes AI to generate an image based on your description.
  • If necessary, use “Explore Style” to refine your prompt or experiment with different approaches.

Who is Using Lexica?

  • Lexica can be used by graphic designers, illustrators, and even concept artists to brainstorm ideas, make rapid prototypes, and create distinctive project images.
  • Lexica can help YouTubers, bloggers, and social media administrators generate visually appealing thumbnails, cover art, and other visual material.
  • Lexica can let anyone create original artwork, birthday cards, and personalized prints.

What Makes Lexica Unique?

Lexica distinguishes itself by its simplicity. In contrast to other AI-based art tools, it places emphasis on an intuitive UI and easy-to-follow instructions. That way, anyone who desires to experiment with AI-driven artwork can access Lexica.

Pros and Cons


  • Lexica has a simple interface with a concentration on text prompts, making it suitable for beginners or people new to the AI art generation.
  • Lexica can spark creativity by allowing users to explore ideas and generate unexpected graphics based on their descriptions.
  • Lexica can produce high-quality and unique photos for a variety of purposes, from personal projects to commercial content creation.


  • Lexica’s artificial intelligence is not perfect. Your text prompt may not always produce exactly what you expected, particularly for intricate descriptions.
  • Lexica may occasionally generate repetitive images for comparable prompts.
  • AI-generated art presents issues of ownership and attribution. Who made the artwork: you or the AI?

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

It lets you make up to 100 photos per month, which is ideal for testing out the tool and gaining a sense of its possibilities.

Starter Plan

This is a low-cost option perfect for beginners. It boosts your monthly generation limit to 500 images. It costs $8 per month or $96 per year.

Pro Plan

This is the most popular plan, with 3,000 image generations per month. It’s a good option for people who use Lexica frequently. It costs $24/month or $288/year.


1. Is Lexica free to download?

Lexica is the Free and Open Source Android App Repository.

2. Is Lexica AI artwork free?

Lexica allows you to take photos using their servers, and while they offer premium membership tiers, the basic one is free.

3. What are the terms and conditions for Lexica Art?

You can only sell photos created with the Lexica image generator. Existing photographs on Lexica cannot be sold on stock photo websites. Upscaling an existing image does not count, as the rights remain with the original creator.

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