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Let’s Enhance.io

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AI to enhance, upscale and generate pictures Increase resolution and quality Fix blurry, pixelated, low res images Make every photo sharp and clear Start for free
Pricing Model: Paid
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Let's Enhance.io

What is Let’s Enhance.io?

  • The Let’s Enhance app is a web-based application that uses artificial intelligence to improve and elevate the quality of photos. With a few clicks, Let’s Enhance may help you increase your images’ resolution, colors, lighting, or quality.
  • The new AI picture generation tool in Let’s Enhance allows you to create realistic graphics from text descriptions.
  • Multiple picture uploads and simultaneous editing are also possible, as are a variety of filters and presets, as well as a maximum pixel enlargement of 256 megapixels.
  • You can cure pixelation, blur, white balance, and saturation using Let’s Enhance, and it can even recover JPEG artifacts.
  • Among Let’s Enhance’s many appealing features, the AI picture creator stands out. In a matter of seconds, you may use this function to transform text into a high-resolution picture. For your projects, you may use it to make logos, graphics, posters, or backgrounds.
  • You may also try out multiple kinds of writing, such as science fiction, fantasy, or anime. Just tell Let’s Enhance what you’re looking for, and it will create a photorealistic rendition.


  • Scale Pictures

You can increase the clarity of a picture by up to 16 times without losing quality. This makes sure that the results are crisp and clear.

  • High-Quality pictures

You can make high-definition (HD) images and improve the quality of all photos by making the colors, lights, and features look better.

  • AI-Generated Art

Make realistic images from text descriptions, which lets you make one-of-a-kind works of art.

  • Raise the Resolution of UGC

To make user-generated content (UGC) like photos and videos that are of better quality and clearer, raise their resolution.

  • Ideal for Many Fields

Let’s Enhance is perfect for creative workers, e-commerce companies, and real estate agencies that want to improve the look of their visual material.

  • Keeps Original Quality

During the improvement process, make sure that the original quality and features of videos and pictures are kept.

  • Offers a Variety of forms

Let’s Enhance lets you choose from a lot of different input and output forms and sizes, which makes it flexible and fit your needs.

Pros & Cons


  • It improves low-resolution photos and videos using AI.
  • Multiple choices are available at low costs, and there is a free trial as well.
  • It works with a wide range of input and output file types and sizes.
  • With its intuitive design and simple functionality, it is perfect for beginners.
  • Images and videos retain all of their original detail and quality.


  • Requires a browser and internet access
  • Not suitable for some video and picture formats, like cartoons and drawings
  • Large or complex files may take longer to process
  • It may not be compatible with all devices or operating systems
  • Ethical and privacy concerns related to AI usage

Pricing & Plan

  • Paid Plan

For just $9 a month, you can make endless changes to your photos and get professional-quality results and extra features.

  • Free Plan

Start out with 10 free credits to see how powerful Let’s Enhance is without making any commitments.


1. Can we use Let’s Enhance.io for free?

Let’s Enhance.io has a provision for free services that allow up to six photographs every month. However, there is also an alternative for paid services designed to cater to those in need of further image enhancement.

2. How does Let’s Enhance.io fare against other picture-enlarging software brands?

Let’s Enhance.io provides a simple and user-friendly online solution that can be accessed by various groups of users. However, as compared to more robust programs like Photoshop, Let’s Enhance.io may lag behind in customization and professional-level capabilities.

3. Does Let’s Enhance.io support multiple image formats?

Certainly, enhance.io supports different image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and TIF.

4. Are the image enlargements done by Let’s Enhance.io permanent?

No, the image enlargements done by Let’s Enhance.io are non-destructive in the sense that the original image will not be altered while saving separately a larger version.

5. Are batch processing images allowed by Let’s Enhance.io?

Yes, this is possible through Let’s Enhance.io where users can process many images at once and it is handy for photographers/designers who need to increase several files.

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