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LensGo is a free artificial intelligence-powered tool for making photos and films. Add your favorite characters to videos with a single image.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is LensGo AI?

LensGo AI is a web-based tool that employs artificial intelligence to assist you in generating images and films from text descriptions. In other words, you supply a text prompt describing how you want the photo or video to appear, and LensGo AI utilizes its AI model to create an image or video that matches your description.


  • Text to image generation

Give LensGo a text description of what you’re looking for, and the software will generate an image from it. You may, for example, request that LensGo make a “photorealistic image of a cat in a cowboy’s hat” or “a cartoon of a spaceship landed on Mars”.

  • Image-to-image generation

Upload an existing image and tell LensGo what you want to modify. You can instruct LensGo to add or remove objects, adjust the style, or apply various effects.

  • Video to video generation

Similar to image to image, LensGo allows you to upload a video and have it transformed. It could be as simple as changing the style, adding special effects to the video, or creating a new one based on the original.

  • Custom models

LensGo allows advanced users to design their own picture models. You may now have even more control over your style and content.

  • Train your AI model

LensGo AI enables intelligent users to train their own AI models. This allows you to make photos in your own unique style.

How to use LensGo AI?

  • Sign up and log in to LensGo AI.
  • Describe what you want in your image or video in clear and vivid terms.
  • Choose a creative style for the AI to employ (realistic, cartoon, etc.).
  • Adjust the size, amount of images, and add negative prompts (what you don’t want).
  • Allow LensGo AI to perform its magic and bring your design to life.

Who is Using LensGo AI?

  • Content makers can use LensGo AI to create eye-catching photos and films without the requirement for design expertise.
  • Writers and storytellers can utilize LensGo AI to bring their stories and ideas to life through visuals.

What Makes LensGo AI Unique?

  • LensGo AI not only converts text to images, but also creates and manipulates videos with features like style transfer and animation. This expands users’ creative options.
  • LensGo AI’s intuitive interface and assistance prompts make it easy for beginners with no design knowledge to produce visuals.

Pros and Cons


  • Produces photos and videos, including video editing features.
  • A beginner-friendly interface with clear directions.
  • Adjust creations using settings and reference pictures.
  • Free During beta testing, you can use the free plan.


  • It is possible that it has fewer features or idiosyncrasies than more established options.
  • Limited free plan credits. If you use it frequently, you may require a premium plan.
  • It may take some practice to get the perfect photograph or video.

Pricing and Plan

Free plan

Suitable for casual users, but likely has limitations on the quantity of images/videos you may make.

Paid plans

Provide additional credits for creating photographs and videos.


1. Where can I find out more about LensGo AI?

The LensGo AI website provides up-to-date information on features, prices, and tutorials.

2. How much is LensGo AI?

Lensgo is 100% free to use—no fees required. Create and edit as many photographs and videos as you like, with no restrictions or watermarks.

3. How long does LensGo AI take?

Then, paste the prompt into the designated box. Click the “Start” button to start the animation creation process. LensGo AI will create a compelling film in seconds using your questions and pictures.

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