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Learning Studio AI

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Learning Studio AI is an innovative online course design application that uses artificial intelligence to simplify developing and maintaining online courses.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Learning Studio AI

What is Learning Studio AI?

Learning Studio AI is an AI-powered application that makes designing online courses easier. It’s intended primarily for educators and allows them to focus on the content rather than the technical parts of course creation.


  • Automated Content Curation

Learning Studio AI automatically curates relevant content for course design, saving instructors time and effort in discovering acceptable materials.

  • Personalized learning paths

The platform can adapt the learning journey based on each student’s needs and progress, hence increasing the effectiveness of the teaching process.

  • Advanced Statistics

Learning Studio AI provides in-depth statistics about student performance and course engagement, allowing instructors to optimize their teaching methods and course material.

  • Collaborative Tools

The platform encourages cooperation between students and teachers, with features that enable interactive learning experiences.

  • Learning Studio AI

It offers advanced analytics on student performance and engagement, which can be used to enhance course content and delivery methods.

  • User Friendly Interface

The platform’s user-friendly interface simplifies course creation, management, and updates online.

How to Use Learning Studio AI?

  • Visit Learning Studio AI’s website and register a free account.
  • Enter the subject of your online course in the designated field.
  • Click “Create Course” and the AI will construct a course plan with chapters.
  • Use the given tools to edit and change the material. You can include text, multimedia, quizzes, and more.
  • Importing existing materials is optional. If you have current course materials, you can upload them and let the AI make suggestions for enhancements.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your course, share it with your students!

Who is Using Learning Studio AI?

  • There have been articles about educators using Learning Studio’s AI tools, therefore individual teachers are most certainly using them .
  • Because it streamlines course construction, it might be used by anybody looking to create online courses, not only traditional schools.

What Makes Learning Studio AI Unique?

Learning Studio AI courses are built to adapt and work well on any device, ensuring that students have a consistent learning experience regardless of platform.

Unlike some course development tools, Learning Studio AI connects with other learning platforms, making it easier for instructors who already use specific systems to embrace the AI features.

Pros and Cons


  • Faster course creation
  • Personalized learning.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limited creative control.
  • AI-generated content can require editing.
  • This is a new technology with less functionality (compared to some LMS).

Pricing and Plan

Starter Plan

Create 5 AI-assisted courses and manage up to 30 courses for only $39 per month, with a 48-hour support response time when there is a great demand. Download courses in PDF and SCORM format.

Pro Plan

Create 15 AI-assisted courses for $69 per month, which includes limitless workspace courses and 24-hour assistance. When there is a strong demand, download your courses in PDF and SCORM format.

Enterprise Plan

At $149 a month, you get 50 AI-assisted course designs, unlimited workspace courses, 12-hour support when there is a great demand, and download courses in PDF and SCORM format.


1. Does Learning Studio AI provide a Free trial?

Yes, Learning Studio AI’s free plan allows you to test the basic features.

2. How much does Learning Studio AI cost?

Starter Plan: Educators can try out AI-powered course design for $39 per month. Pro Plan: For $69 per month, educators gain more course design options and upgraded features.

3. How does Learning Studio AI work?

You provide a topic, and the AI provides content, arranges it, and personalizes learning routes for pupils.

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