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Lately analyzes your brand voice through AI and neuroscience and generates social content that your viewers love and demand based on your existing long-form content.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Lately AI?

Lately AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool designed to help with social media marketing and content creation. It can be beneficial if you’re someone who struggles to consistently create engaging social media content, or if you simply want to be more efficient with your time.


  • Content Generation with AI

Lately, AI has been able to convert text, audio, and video into compelling social media content, catering to a wide range of industries and business sizes, from tiny businesses to large enterprises.

  • Performance Loop Learning

The platform employs this strategy to identify effective word phrases and sentence structures that increase interaction.

  • Multilingual Support

Lately AI offers a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and German, allowing for worldwide reach in social media marketing.

  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement

The platform creates high-performing content that stimulates behaviors such as clicks, replies, likes, and shares, resulting in increased social media engagement.

  • Brand Voice Learning:

It understands and duplicates each brand’s or employee’s distinctive voice, assuring communications consistency and authenticity.

How to Use Lately AI?

  • Sign up for the Lately AI.
  • Provide Lately AI with long-form content such as blog entries, podcasts, and videos.
  • The AI will automatically generate social media posts based on your content.
  • You can choose whether to automatically schedule the posts or to review and approve them before posting.

Who is Using Lately AI?

  • AI has helped Small businesses manage their social media presence more efficiently.
  • Large organizations can utilize it to provide consistent brand messaging across multiple franchises or departments.
  • AI has helped social media agencies expedite the generation of social media content for their clients.
  • Non-profit organizations can utilize it to ensure consistent messaging and increase social media outreach.

What makes Lately AI unique?

  • Unlike some AI content generators that create generic material, lately AI has stressed capturing your brand’s unique voice and style. This ensures that your social media material is authentic and recognizable.
  • Many social media platforms are centered on creating content from scratch. Recently, AI has differentiated itself by generating several, bite-sized social media pieces from your current long-form material. This saves you time while repurposing important information.

Pros and Cons


  • It seamlessly links to Hootsuite, removing the need to transfer between platforms.
  • AI content writing saves time and work when making interesting social media posts.
  • Provides vital social statistics to help improve content strategy.


  • AI systems might inherit biases from the data they are trained on, resulting in discriminating outcomes.
  • Recently, artificial intelligence has excelled in following rules and analyzing data, but it currently lacks human-like creativity.
  • Developing and applying AI tools can be costly.

Pricing & Plan

Starter Plan

Designed specifically for small enterprises, consultancies, and agencies. Starts at $39 per month (paid annually), and includes AI-powered content production, social media scheduling, and basic analytics. The number of connected social accounts is limited to four.

Enterprise Plans

Designed for larger businesses and agencies. Please contact Lately AI for a tailored quote. Provides more powerful AI functions, limitless users and social profiles, and detailed analytics.


1. What kind of training does Lately provide?

Recently, training has taken the shape of live online events and webinars.

2. What kind of users and organizations does Lately work with?

Recently worked with the following users and organization types: mid-sized business, small business, enterprise, freelance, nonprofit, government, and startup.

3. What kinds of assistance alternatives does Lately provide?

Recently, It has been offering help by phone and online.

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