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Kindroid AI is a revolutionary companion software that lets users build a customized digital friend.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Kindroid?

An revolutionary companion software, Kindroid AI uses advanced AI technology to let users create a digital friend that works just like them. Due of its real-time audio call feature, Kindroid received an App Score of 7 out of 10.

With the help of a complex language learning model, users may give their Kindroid AI friend a distinct personality by inputting specific details about its past and recollections.

From deep philosophical talks to up-to-the-minute news, the app’s chats are both dynamic and adaptive. Selfies created by diffusion add a visual element to Kindroid, giving users a one-of-a-kind image of their AI friend.

Advanced audio transcription technology enables real-time phone calls, which improve the spontaneity of conversations.


  • Strong memory

Your Kindroid can learn your preferences and habits over time because to its four programmable memory layers, which may be set to a mix of user input and artificial intelligence generators.

  • Customized character

Kindroid was an early adopter of customizable AI backstories. To give your Kindroid its own distinct personality, you may either let AI come up with a background or write it yourself.

  • A collection of selfies

Using the selfie feature, you may create pictures of your Kindroid, and each one will look exactly like your avatar. Unleash your artistic flair by choosing from animated avatars or uploading your own!

  • Phone call

Listen to AI-generated audio in the purest form possible during conversations and messaging. You can personalize your voice by adjusting its pitch, accent, and pace, or you can choose from a variety of prepared sounds.

  • Conversations in groups

Make a small group of Kindroids, invite them to a group chat, and watch mayhem develop. See how they bounce ideas off of each other and bring lively discussions to life ideal for inspiring new ideas or just having a good time in an unexpected way.

How to Use Kindroid

  • A To use Kindroid AI, head over to your preferred app store and install the app.
  • Get the program started and make your very own artificial intelligence (AI) friend by giving it a name, a personality, and a comprehensive history.
  • Involve your AI companion in interesting discussions, covering a wide range of subjects as it learns your conversational style.
  • Incorporate a visual representation into your discussions with your AI buddy by viewing diffusion-generated selfies.
  • Engage in natural and interesting discussions in real-time with the use of innovative audio transcription technology.
  • Your AI companion can access the internet, view links, and see images, enhancing interactions.

What Makes Kindroid Unique?

Kindroid stands out because of its internet connectivity, which lets the AI access data and images outside of the app. Discord, Reddit, and Facebook all contribute to a sense of community, which enhances the experience by introducing a social component. Consistent upgrades guarantee a better and captivating user experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Customizable AI friends with distinct personalities
  • Engaging interactions through dynamic and adaptable dialogues
  • The use of diffusion-generated selfies for visual representation
  • Advanced audio transcription for real-time voice calls


  • Avoidance of user data security concerns

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

It comes with simple tools for making an AI friend and chatting to it.

Paid Plan

Yes, a paid plan is available that provides access to premium customization options and features. Find out more by signing up.


1. Does AI undergo any sort of filtering?

We think that private AI usage should be in line with the user’s intentions and not filtered by third parties, which is why Kindroid is an unfiltered, neutrally aligned AI for the core language model. This allows for more genuine interactions. So, the AI won’t automatically generate unethical content; its outputs will be based only on your inputs.

2. What about private chats and data sales?

No one will ever see your chat history. Instead of selling your data to marketers, Kindroid generates revenue through direct subscriptions for premium services and offers encrypted chats.

3. What is the function of Kindroid?

Customers of Kindroid, an AI character maker, are able to design a unique multimodal AI friends. With Kindroid, users may give their companion avatars a story and important memories of their own.

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