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JotBot AI makes the writing process more accessible by supporting users in a variety of ways, including AI note-taking, AI video summarizing, AI citation/source finding, producing AI outlines for essays, and even writing whole essays with its AI essay writer.
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What is JotBot AI ?

JotBot AI is an AI-powered writing helper designed to help with various writing chores, including brainstorming ideas, identifying sources, and revising drafts.


  • Plagiarism Check

This tool allows you to check that the article content is entirely original and does not breach copyright.

  • Create an article outline

JotBot AI assists you in developing a logical and scientific article structure, hence increasing content quality.

  • Text summaries

This tool allows you to summarize article material quickly and precisely.

  • Language Translation

The language translation function lets you convert content into a variety of languages.

  • Check for spelling and grammar issues

JotBot AI will discover and correct spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing.

  • Word suggestions

Based on the situation, the program will recommend appropriate words for you to choose from.

  • Search for and cite sources

JotBot AI will automatically search for and cite credible sources relevant to the content you’re producing.

How to Use JotBot AI?

  • Give it a prompt. Jotbot can begin with a blank page or use current text as a jumping off point.
  • Fine-tune the output. Tell Jotbot what you want it to do with your text: reword it, shorten it, modify the style, and so on.
  • Train it (optional). Upload writing examples to help Jotbot understand your style and achieve better outcomes over time.

Who is Using JotBot AI?

  • JotBot can be a valuable tool for students who struggle with writing or need help summarizing lectures, making outlines, or brainstorming essay ideas.
  • Writers can utilize JotBot to overcome writer’s block, generate material such as product descriptions or social media posts, and streamline their workflow.

What makes JotBot AI unique?

  • JotBot provides more than just writing aid. It can transcribe lectures, meetings, or chats in real time, as well as summarize video notes, so you can collect information without missing a beat.
  • JotBot is an integrated research assistant that can not only help you write but also identify and reference sources to back up your work. This can save researchers and students significant time during the research and referencing process.

Pros and Cons


  • Jotbot alleviates writer’s block, develops content ideas, and edits writing, saving you time and effort.
  • Streamlines content creation by providing research assistance, source citation, and real-time note-taking.
  • Mimics your writing style, guaranteeing that created content is consistent with your voice and tone.


  • Paid plans could be more expensive than similar AI writing tools.
  • It is possible that some existing writing procedures will not merge seamlessly.
  • AI models might inherit biases from their training data. Thus, users must be mindful of any prejudice in created material.

Pricing and Plan

Free Trial

Available for experimenting, but possibly with restrictions on content development.

Paid Plan

To fully utilize JotBot’s capabilities, you will most likely need to pay a monthly charge which can cost around $20/mo..


1. How much does JotBot AI cost?

JotBot AI uses a freemium strategy, featuring both a free trial and premium subscription levels. Prices are subject to change, so check their website for the most up-to-date information.

2. What is the purpose of JotBot AI?

JotBot AI uses cutting-edge machine learning and Language Style Matching (LSM) to analyze and recreate your writing. It recognizes your writing style, tone, sentence structure, and preferences and writes like you.

3. How good is JotBot AI?

JotBot AI has received overwhelmingly good user response, with many writers applauding its capacity to increase productivity and improve writing quality. Users have reported saving substantial time and effort by using JotBot AI in their article creation process.

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