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Jenni is an excellent tool for authors to efficiently create high-quality academic writing. The AI tool provides in-text citation and plagiarism checks, which are helpful in academic writing.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Jenni AI?

Jenni AI is an AI-powered writing tool that assists busy students in brainstorming ideas, optimizing their writing, and improving SEO. It employs machine learning techniques and natural language processing to deliver content recommendations and insights.


  • AI Autocompletion

Completes your phrases using the foundation inputs you provided. It might propose the following line of text and other options to assist you in overcoming writer’s block.

  • In-text citations

Citations for text generated in the APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style standards are created by consulting the most recent research and the user’s PDF uploads.

  • Paraphrase

Users can rewrite their material by paraphrasing, expanding on, or changing it in the tone they like.

  • Inbuilt Plagiarism Check

Allows authors to evaluate whether the text they help develop is plagiarized from online sources.

  • Outline Generator

Provides a well-structured framework, complete with headers and subheadings, that can be used to write essays, theses, or other academic content.

  • Custom Styles and Tones

Allows users to select the optimal tone for their writing needs, ranging from scholarly to persuasive.

  • Library

Users may save and manage uploaded PDFs in one place, with the option to include citations for each document.

How to Use Jenni AI?

  • Visit Jenni AI’s website and establish an account (a free tier is available).
  • Create a new document and select your writing type (essay, blog post).
  • Type your content, and Jenni AI will suggest completions and corrections.
  • Use AI commands such as “paraphrase” or “expand” to improve certain areas.
  • Use features such as plagiarism checking to assure uniqueness.

Who is Using Jenni AI?

  • Students write essays, research papers, and assignments.
  • Writers overcome writer’s block and generate fresh ideas.
  • Researchers are preparing research articles, literature reviews, and grant submissions.
  • Content creators create blog entries, articles, and marketing materials.
  • Business professionals write emails, reports, and proposals.
  • Educators provide lesson plans and educational resources.
  • Non-native English speakers improve their writing abilities and fluency.

What Makes Jenni AI Unique?

  • Jenni AI is specifically intended to excel academically. Its features, such as in-text citation and argument construction, meet the needs of students and researchers.
  • This AI tool Allows you to tailor the writing style and tone to your specific project. This guarantees your voice is heard, whether it’s formal for an essay or informal for a blog post.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Line-by-Line Writing Approach
  • Human-Like Content Generation
  • Cloud-based nature


  • Limited Content Types
  • Slower Content Generation
  • Limited Extra Features
  • Restrictions in Free Trial
  • AskJenni Limitations

Pricing and Plan

The Free Plan

It allows you to generate 200 AI words per day. This is a beautiful way to try out the tool and determine if it meets your requirements.

The Unlimited Plan

It removes the daily word limit and provides access to all Jenni AI capabilities for a monthly subscription cost. The price is roughly $20 per month, but you should always check the official Jenni AI website for the most up-to-date pricing information, as it can fluctuate. They may also provide annual plans with discounts.

Jenni AI provides team strategies for universities and research labs. These programs are not published with public pricing, therefore please contact their sales staff for further information.


1. Does Jenni AI check grammar?

Yes, Jenni AI can detect and recommend corrections for grammar mistakes.

2. Can Jenni AI paraphrase text?

Yes, Jenni AI includes a paraphrase feature that allows you to reword sentences while avoiding plagiarism.

3. Does Jenni AI provide a free plan?

Yes, Jenni AI offers a free plan with a daily restriction of 200 words for AI-generated material.

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