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Ideogram is a unique generative AI tool that smoothly combines text into images, making it an effective solution for creating logos, posters, t-shirt designs, stickers, and other graphics.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is an Ideogram?

Ideogram AI is a great online application that converts your text into images. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to create graphics but doesn’t consider themselves to be artistic. So, if you want to write stories, sell products, or design things, Ideogram AI can help you create amazing visuals to demonstrate your ideas.


  • Diverse AI Image Style Tags

Ideogram supports a wide range of image style tags, such as illustration, typography, poster, photo, and 3D.

  • Available models

Users have access to a variety of picture creation models, each with distinct characteristics such as turning coherent text into images.

  • Aspect Ratio and Resolution

Ideogram gives information on multiple aspect ratios and resolutions to assist users in optimizing their photos for a variety of platforms and uses.

  • Style Tags

The program provides a comprehensive range of style tags that users can use on their photographs to generate various visual effects.

  • Remix

Users can combine existing photos or suggestions to create new and distinct visualizations.

  • Magic Prompt

The Magic Prompt function improves the original prompts to create more visually appealing graphics.

  • Private generations

Ideogram enables users to create photos secretly, assuring secrecy and exclusivity.

How to Use an Ideogram?

  • Go to Ideogram AI’s website and select Signup with Google.
  • Enter your username and click Complete Registration.
  • Access the main interface. Here, you may find the most recent and popular AI artwork created and uploaded by other users.
  • Click the input bar to enter your prompt, then select an aspect ratio, a style, and visibility (public vs. private). Enter a prompt, then click Generate.
  • After a few seconds, your artwork will be created.
  • Click a generation to pin, alter, or download it.

Who is Using Ideograms?

  • Ideograms are used by graphic designers and artists to communicate visually through artwork and typography.
  • Ideograms are used in signpost systems and as public symbols to disseminate universal information.
  • Ideograms are used by information designers to portray data and concepts in a way that is easily understood by everyone.
  • Ideograms are used in the classroom to educate languages, cultural studies, and visual communication.
  • Ideograms, such as emojis, are used in digital communication platforms to describe emotions in a brief manner.

How is Ideogram Unique?

  • Ideograms are peculiar because they directly express meaning through visual symbols bypassing the need to depend on particular languages or linguistic frameworks.
  • This quality makes ideograms cross-cultural and language barriers free, thus facilitating written communication.

Pros & Cons


  • Text embedding in images.
  • Free to use.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Real-time image generation and logo design.


  • Aspect Ratio Ambiguity

Pricing & Plan

  • Free plan

Monthly and annual subscriptions are free. Standard generation rate: 100 photos or 25 prompts each day. Download a compressed image (JPG) with no restrictions.

  • Basic Plan

USD 8 per month or USD 84 per year ($7 per month). Priority generation: 1600 photos or 400 prompts every month. Standard generation rate: 400 photos or 100 prompts each day.

  • Plus Plan

USD 20 per month, or $192 per year (USD 16 per month). Private generation and image deleting are included. Priority generation: 4000 photos or 1000 prompts each month.


1. Is Ideogram AI available for iPhones and Android devices?

Users can access Ideogram AI’s image generation tool by visiting the Ideogram.ai website via their mobile browser.

2. What feature of Ideogram’s image production is particularly effective?

Ideogram’s unique strength rests in its ability to combine text into visuals.

3. How does Ideogram’s capacity to include text into AI-generated visuals compare with other technologies?

Ideogram outperforms Midjourney at adding text into AI-generated graphics.

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