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Humata is an artificial intelligence research assistant that helps you understand your materials. You can ask the tool questions about your file and receive the information you require.
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What is Humata AI?

Humata AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that helps users interpret and extract information from text-based documents, notably PDFs. Humata AI claims to be like GPT for your files. It is excellent for researchers, students, scientists, professionals, and anybody who wants to learn from their data, synthesize knowledge, and generate content more quickly and easily.


  • Summarization

It may automatically summarize lengthy documents, allowing consumers to quickly understand the essential ideas.

  • Question Answering

You can ask questions in a chat-like interface, and Humata will respond to your questions depending on the document’s content.

  • Easy to Use

The interface is said to be user-friendly, making it suitable for a wide range of users, including students and professionals.

  • Helpful for Research

Humata can help students and scholars better understand complex documents.

How to use  Humata AI?

  • Go to Humata’s website and create an account.
  • After logging in, you may upload your document.
  • Humata appears to support PDFs and a wide range of file sizes.
  • Humata will review the document.
  • After it has been examined, you can ask questions using a chat-like interface.
  • Humata will respond to your inquiries depending on the document’s contents.

Who is using Humata AI?

  • This tool can help students and researchers save time and effort by summarizing difficult research papers, articles, and textbooks.
  • Teachers can use Humata to generate successful teaching materials or to help students improve their research skills.
  • Business professionals can utilize Humata to analyze contracts, read legal documents, and swiftly grasp crucial elements in lengthy reports.
  • Humata’s ability to handle text data makes it faster for HR to screen resumes and discover qualified individuals.

What makes Humata AI Unique?

While many AI tools focus on certain document types, Humata handles a variety of text-based documents simultaneously. This is especially handy for research or HR jobs that may involve a mix of PDFs, reports, and emails.

Humata’s team plan includes elements such as department permissions for collaborative document examination. This provides for regulated access and improves document workflows inside teams.

Pros and Cons


  • Quickly understands the essential points of lengthy publications.
  • Ask questions and receive responses directly from the uploaded document.
  • Addresses writer’s block and generates fresh content based on current papers.
  • Improves its awareness of your demands with regular use.


  • People may be more precise when it comes to highly specialized knowledge or nuanced themes.
  • The free tier has a page limit, and premium plans can be costly.
  • Fact-checking and editing may be required to ensure plagiarism-free writing, particularly for creative content.
  • Works well with PDFs that contain computer-readable text rather than scanned documents or images.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

Ideal for starting and processing up to 60 pages of documents.

Student Plan

It costs $1.99/month. Ideal for students with increased processing limits (200 free pages) and a pay-per-page option when surpassing the limit (2 cents per page).

Expert Plan

It costs $9.99/month. Designed for experts that require even more processing power (500 free pages) and access to the GPT-4.0 model for perhaps superior outcomes. It also has rudimentary chat support for difficulties.


1. What are the various Humata AI plans?

There are four types of plans: free, student, expert, and team, each with different processing limits, features, and charges per page.

2. How much does Humata AI cost?

The free plan costs nothing, whereas paid plans range from $1.99 to $49/user/month, depending on features and processing constraints.

3. Does Humata AI provide a free plan?

Yes, the free plan allows you to process up to 60 pages of documents.

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