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Create, manage, and streamline cinematic content & Gen-AI avatar videos with text-to-video generator.
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Hour One

What is Hour One?

Hour One is an artificial intelligence video creator that gives users the ability to rapidly and simply produce compelling videos that may be used for training and development if they so want. Through the use of natural language processing, Hour One transforms written content into videos that make learning more engaging and efficient.

The platform is capable of supporting a wide range of use cases, including the production of corporate training videos, character-driven instruction, and videos created by artificial intelligence tools. Users are able to make videos with more flexibility and reach due to to the platform’s connections with other services and tools, which are also available.

Additionally, Hour One offers a variety of managed services to guarantee that customers have access to the necessary assistance in order to get the most out of their video production. With Hour One, users are able to create videos that appear professional in a short period of time and with little effort, which makes learning and development more interesting and productive.

It is Hour One’s hyper-realistic artificial intelligence avatars that set it apart from other video content providers. These avatars add a new degree of professionalism and interest to the medium. The fact that it can produce videos in a wide variety of languages and dialects makes it an unique tool for reaching people all over the world. Their goal is to provide scaling solutions to companies as well as to industries.


  • Easy to send videos to anyone via a link

 This feature lets users send their videos to other people by creating a link that can be shared. The link lets the recipients watch the video without having to download it.

  • Offers more than 99 languages

The app works with many languages, so people from all over the world can use it. This tool could include the ability for user screens, subtitles, and text-to-speech to work in more than one language.

  • Text-to-speech functions easily

users can turn written text into spoken audio, which can be useful for making voiceovers or adding commentary to videos.

  • Customized template designs

The site has many prepared-for-use themes that users can change to fit their videos. These designs might have both 2D and 3D visual features that can make the video look better.

  • Video creation and editing with a few clicks

The platform makes it easy to create and edit professional-looking videos without technical expertise.

  • Using an API to add virtual humans

The platform has an API (Application Programming Interface) that lets companies add virtual humans to their own services or goods. With this function, videos could become more interactive or tell stories.

Pros & Cons


  • Make films rapidly without the need for experienced videographers or expensive equipment.

  • Utilize the power of video to keep the attention of the audience and to boost their ability to remember the message.

  • Save up to 90% on time and money compared to conventional video creation.

  • The plug-and-play platform is ideal for individuals with no design or editing experience.


  • New users may need time to adjust to the many features and capabilities.

  • Technology dependence: As an AI-driven platform, human video makers may have limited creativity.

  • Because it is an online platform, it needs a consistent internet connection to function properly.

Pricing & Plans

Paid Plan

You can make and share as many videos as you want for just $3 a month, or you can save money by signing up for a year at a time for $25.

Free Plan

Our basic plan lets you start for free and lets you make three minutes of videos a month. You can upgrade at any time to get more tools and make as many videos as you want.

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