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Holo AI is the best choice For those professional writers who would like to boost their writing skills, expand their minds and secure necessary data protection
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What is Holo AI?

Holo AI generally referred to as just simple as Holo AI is an AI assisted tool for creative writing tasks. It specifically focuses on people dealing with fiction in terms of novels, short stories, or even fan fiction.


  • AI Writing and Story Generation

Use Holo AI to overcome writer’s block as it can make several creative text formats such as micro-fiction, poetry, scripts, and fan fiction for you.

  • Customizable AI Models

You can also teach the AI using your own data so that it emulates a particular writing style.

  • Text-to-Speech Functionality

Different AI voices can read out your generated content for you which is helpful in proofreading and accessibility issues.

  • End-to-End Encryption

User privacy is important to Holo AI hence; both its creations and the data used in making them are protected by encryption.

How to Use Holo AI?

  • Begin with a prompt. Give it a line or two outlining your story’s concept, genre, or desired tone.
  • Tags can be used to define genre, fandom, or even the style of a particular author.
  • Let HoloAI write, which will generate innovative text depending on your prompts and preferences.
  • Refine the story and add additional prompts as needed. You can also listen to the text using text-to-speech.

Who is using Holo AI?

  • Holo AI can help novelists, screenwriters, and short story authors brainstorm ideas, overcome writer’s block, and generate many unique text styles.
  • Holo AI can help content creators develop regular creative text formats such as screenplays, poems, or social media posts.

What Makes Holo AI Unique?

Holo AI is different from other AI writing assistants that provide a single solution because it allows you to customize the writing style of its AI to your needs. For example, you can employ genre-based datasets or train them on your own material to emulate a particular style.

The Text-to-Speech feature enables you to hear your text generated; this is particularly useful for proofreading purposes and for people who need assistive technology like screen readers, etc. It is not common among artificial intelligence writing aids to have this feature.

Pros and Cons


  • Using several creative text styles, you can overcome writer’s block and generate ideas.
  • Customize the writing style to meet your needs with genre-specific datasets, or train it on your own data.
  • Listen to your generated material for proofreading and accessibility.


  • In comparison to some AI writing aids, it may be necessary to provide more user advice to keep the plot on course.
  • It may have fewer features or a smaller user base than more established options.
  • Depending on your requirements, higher tiers may not be much more beneficial than the free or regular plan.

Pricing and Plan


A limited number of characters per month with standard functionality.

Standard ($4.99 per month) includes 500k characters, access to public custom AIs, and text-to-speech.

Pro Plan

It costs $7.99/month, which includes unlimited characters, the ability to develop custom AIs, and 400 custom AI training steps.

Ultimate Plan

It costs $11.99 per month, which includes 2000 custom AI training steps, access to advanced models, and a double retry option.


1. How does this work?

Give it a starting point, experiment with genre/fandom tags, and let it be written! Refine as needed.

2. What makes it unique?

Train the AI with your own content or use genre-specific models for a personalized touch. Additionally, it keeps your creations secret.

3. Is it free?

Yes, there is a free tier. Paid plans include additional characters, unique AI choices, and text-to-speech.

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