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Heimler’s History

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Students can use AI-driven teaching resources offered by Heimler Student Resources to do exceptionally well on AP tests.
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Heimler's History

What is Heimler Student Resources?

The AI tutoring tools provided by the Heimler System make studying for AP exams easy. Students can take advantage of free, individualized support, feedback, and advice through the use of AI.

While contributions for operational costs are appreciated, Heimler has kindly paid for the first 100,000 inquiries. Try out the Heimler System, then report back with your thoughts.


  • Your Talking Textbook

This resource mimics Heimler’s excellent explanations and gives thorough answers to any queries you may have about AP History.

  • Professional Essay Writing Assistance from a Tutor

Provides comments on essay paragraphs to help students improve their writing abilities.

How to Use Heimler Student Resources

1. Ask Heimler: Your Talking Textbook

Imagine having a virtual Heimler at your command, prepared to answer any inquiry you may have regarding AP History or other related subjects.

You can get comprehensive responses similar to what Heimler would give by using Ask Heimler to input particular areas you’re struggling with. You might think of this tool as a talking textbook; it will help you learn the material thoroughly.

2. Essay Writing Help from a Professional Writing Tutor

Writing strong essays is one of the most challenging aspects of Advanced Placement (AP) tests. In such a case, the Writing Tutor app is available to assist.

By offering comments on your essay paragraphs, this powerful tool mimics a private tutoring session with Heimler. The Writing Tutor will evaluate your work and provide feedback when you enter the following: Prompt, context, thesis, and paragraphs.

3. DBQ Tool

Students often feel overwhelmed by Document-Based Questions (DBQs). The DBQ Tool, which is part of the Heimler System, fortunately makes things easier. Although you are unable to upload physical documents, you can describe them or copy and paste their content into the conversation.

The DBQ Tool will then guide your analysis of the papers, offering insightful recommendations for how to incorporate them into your responses.

Who is Using Heimler Student Resources?

  • AP Students
  • Teachers
  • Self-learners

What Makes Heimler Student Resources Unique?

There is no substitute for an excellent understanding of the Course content, no matter how effective the AI coaching tools in the Heimler System may be. If you want to know everything about the subject, watch Heimler’s videos or use his AP review packs. But whether you need help with questions or advice or just want to get better at writing, the Heimler System is a great place to start.

Pros & Cons


  • Personalized help and comments
  • Accessible at any time and from anywhere
  • Copies of Heimler’s famous way of teaching
  • It is not just AP that helps in a wide range of areas. History
  • The Writing Tutor tool helped me get better at writing.


  • AI tutoring can’t replace in-depth subject knowledge; it can only help with AP History and related topics.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Yes, includes access to essential tutoring tools and features.

Paid Plan

Starting at $24 per month, offering advanced features and comprehensive support.


1. Can I use the Heimler System for free?

Yes, you can use the Heimler System for free. But you might consider making an offer to help pay for the platform’s upkeep.

2. Does the writing Tutor process complete essays simultaneously?

No, you must enter your writing one paragraph at a time into the Writing Tutor tool. You can get more specific comments and a more in-depth look at your writing.

3. Do you need to study and learn the course information to use AI tutoring?

AI tutoring can help and give feedback, but it shouldn’t take the place of knowing what you’re learning. Watch Heimler’s videos or use his study packs to learn everything you need to know.

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