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GymGenie is effortlessly craft your next sweat session with just a few clicks - no gym boredom allowed.
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What is GymGenie?

GymGenie.xyz is not just one of the workout generators. It makes use of artificial intelligence to create unique and effective workouts tailored to your needs and abilities. GymGenie.xyz can help you reach your fitness goals e.g. lose weight, build muscle mass, improve endurance or simply keep fit.


  • A New Workout Routine In Seconds

GymGenie allows users to set up a new training plan in a blink of an eye that will match their fitness objectives and preferences without any difficulty.

  • One Free Workout Routine Created in a Month with a Free Plan

The free version of GymGenie offers customers the chance to come up with one workout routine per month for free as they start their fitness journey without making a monetary commitment.

  • No Limit on Workout Routines Generated

Users are given unlimited access to create their own workouts with GymGenie enabling them to have fun with their physical training program all the time.

  • GymGenie Meal Plans

Additionally, GymGenie has dietary guidelines in place so as to assist its users in reaching specific health goals thus offering comprehensive health management support through food intake.

  • Trusted by people around the world

Being used by people across the globe, who appreciate it as reliable and effective in the provision of personal training programs, has made GymGenie very popular among bodybuilders around the globe.

  • 100% Completion

They are built to be completed and this will satisfy the users’ assurance of GymGenie’s training routines, which are designed to make every meeting pay off with maximum efficiency.

  • 100k Workout Routines Created for Tool GymGenie

With more than 100,000 workouts produced by GymGenie clients can have faith in the considerable expertise and skill that platform offers as far as individualized fitness solutions are concerned.

Pros & Cons


  • It offers personal exercise plans targeted at your objectives, preferences, and physical condition.
  • All Its workout sessions consist of multiple activities and video clips for you to complete.
  • It assesses how you are doing and keeps you motivated through feedback.
  • There is no limit to its adaptability nor its pricing structures which come in variety without any attachments to it.
  • This app works well on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs etc.


  • To use this application and view movies, internet connection access must be available throughout plus a reliable link is essential.
  • Some people prefer face-to-face or live coaching thus it may not suit everyone’s learning style or preference.
  • Beginners or those people with injuries or health conditions on body organs may not get enough help or accountability from it.
  • There might be technical glitches or bugs making the platform ineffective.

Plans & Pricing

Free Plan

With our one-month free trial, you may experience GymGenie’s full potential. Enjoy unlimited access to our training program generator and food plans, which are specifically intended to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Standard Plan

GymGenie charges only $2.99 per month for access to anticipated new features, giving members a first look at the most recent improvements. Enjoy unlimited training routine creation and access to the GymGenie Meal Plan, which ensures a comprehensive approach to fitness.

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