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Gradescope is a technology that helps to streamline and standardize paper-based, digital, and code assignments. It supports problem sets, projects, worksheets, quizzes, exams, and papers.
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What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is an online assessment tool that lets educators administer, evaluate, and provide comments on a wide range of assignment types. The software attempts to improve grading operations by offering features such as rubric development, AI-assisted grading, analytics, and support for extensive courses.

Gradescope converts traditional paper-based grading into an easy-to-use digital procedure that saves teachers time while providing insights into student learning.


  • Rubric Development

Teachers can construct personalized rubrics to ensure grade uniformity and transparency.

  • AI-Assisted Grading

The platform uses artificial intelligence to help with grading, which helps to speed up the evaluation process while retaining accuracy.

  • Analytics

Gradescope’s analytics and reporting tools enable educators to analyze student performance, detect patterns, and get valuable insights into areas for development.

  • Support for several assignment types

Gradescope offers a wide range of assignment types, including problem sets, projects, quizzes, examinations, and papers, making it a valuable tool for educators across disciplines.

  • Grading Consistency

Features such as blind grading and inter-rater dependability contribute to grading consistency and fairness across various educators.

  • Student Engagement

Interactive features like peer grading and anonymous feedback encourage student engagement and collaboration during the learning process.

  • Integration Capabilities

Gradescope interfaces smoothly with learning management systems (LMS) such as Canvas and Blackboard, making it easier for educators to organize assignments and sync grades.

How to use Gradescope?

  • Create assignments stating the type and due date.
  • Select the submission method: file upload, text entry, or scanned document upload.
  • Develop a grading rubric with criteria and point values.
  • Give students access via the assignment link or course roster.
  • Grade assignments with rubrics and AI-assisted grading.
  • Provide feedback and annotations directly on the platform.
  • Analyze statistics to monitor student performance and course progress.
  • Students can obtain assignments using the course dashboard or the assignment link.
  • Submit the assignment according to the educator’s directions.

Who is Using Gradescope?

  • Bloggers who struggle to develop new content on a regular basis.
  • Small business entrepreneurs seek to create original product reviews.
  • YouTubers seeking clean and distinct headers and descriptions for their videos
  • Social media managers want to swiftly develop unique social media postings.
  • SEOs, affiliate marketers, and anyone looking to write blog articles

What Makes Gradescope Unique?

The platform has a user-friendly layout that is simple to browse for both educators and students, delivering a consistent user experience. Gradescope’s AI-assisted grading tool speeds up the grading process while ensuring accuracy and uniformity.

Educators have access to powerful analytics and reporting systems that provide valuable information about student performance, allowing for focused interventions and changes.

Pros & Cons


  • Streamlined grading
  • AI-assisted grading decreases grading time.
  • Comprehensive analytics to monitor student performance


  • Potential learning curve for new users.
  • Reliance on technology may cause technical complications.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Gradescope provides a free plan with restricted functionality, allowing customers to get started with basic grading functionalities for no cost.

Standard Plans

The Standard Plan, which starts at $25 per month, provides access to all of Gradescope’s features, including advanced grading tools and statistics.

Enterprise Plans

Large institutions and organizations can benefit from customized pricing that includes bespoke solutions, dedicated support, and increased scalability.


1. How much does Gradescope’s AI Tools for Education cost?

Gradescope AI Writing Assistant costs $25 each month.

2. How Do I Contact the Gradescope AI Tools for Education Team?

You can contact the Gradescope AI team at sales@gradescope.com.

3. What types of users and organizations can Gradescope AI Tools for Education work with?

Gradescope AI Writing Assistant works with the following users and organizations: mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and governments.

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