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Glitching.AI promises to be an AI-powered personal assistant that makes it easier than ever to find best-selling products and effortlessly grow your Shopify dropshipping business.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Glitching AI?

Glitching AI is an innovative technology that was made to help dropshippers stand out in the e-commerce industry. Using AI, Glitching AI improves the dropshipping process in several ways, including product selection and marketing tactics.

Dropshipping can be a complex process, but this platform is here to make it easier and more profitable for businesses of all skill levels.


  • AI-Powered Product Selection

Using advanced AI algorithms, find products that are most suited to your niche and audience.

  • 7 Figure Blueprint

Get the full information on how to grow your dropshipping business to seven figures using proven techniques.

  • High-Converting Product Pages

Use these pre-made product page templates to quickly and easily convert site visitors into paying customers.

  • AI Guide

You may enhance your business operations with the help of an AI coach who gives you comments on your store and ads, answers your questions about dropshipping, and more.

  • Product Search with a Focus

Find successful products that fit your company’s objectives and your customers’ tastes by doing targeted product searches.

  • Performance Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with the help of comprehensive analytics and reports that show how well your products and marketing campaigns are doing.

  • Optimization for Marketing

From creating ads to targeting specific audiences, use AI-driven insights to boost your marketing campaigns.

Who is Using Glitching AI?

  • For drop shippers of all skill levels who want to save on charges and increase revenues, this is the perfect guide.
  • Businesses in the e-commerce space are looking to boost their marketing efforts by identifying winning products.
  • Shopify store owners want to harness the potential of AI-powered technologies to scale their businesses efficiently.

What Makes Glitching AI Unique?

Among other things, Glitching AI stands out thanks to its all-encompassing AI mentor, who helps users through the dropshipping maze by providing constant feedback and guidance. The site also provides access to a comprehensive 7 Figure Blueprint, an effective manual for taking dropshipping companies to the next level. Users may quickly discover winning items and improve their marketing efforts with the help of its powerful AI algorithms that simplify the complex procedures of product selection and optimization.

Pros & Cons


  • Tools and insights from AI simplify dropshipping.
  • Offers a comprehensive plan for attaining substantial expansion for the company.
  • Increases sales and profits by bettering the marketing and product selection procedures.


  • For beginners or small-scale drop shippers, the monthly cost could be somewhat expensive.
  • If AI becomes too reliant, human oversight of some company processes may decrease.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

  • Glitching AI does not offer a free plan.

Paid Plan

  • Monthly Plan: Billed at ₹1,599.99 per month.
  • Yearly Plan: Billed at ₹2,999.99 per year.


1. What is Glitching?

Glitching AI is an innovative technology that was made to help dropshippers stand out in the e-commerce industry. Using AI, Glitching AI improves the dropshipping process in several ways, including product selection and marketing tactics.

2. How does Glitching work?

Your dropshipping journey will be simplified by Glitching’s AI skills. It provides answers to all of your dropshipping inquiries, a focused product search, and feedback on your store and adverts driven by AI.

3. What are the main characteristics of Glitching?

The main elements of Glitching include learning the 7 Figure Blueprint, getting product pages that convert visitors into purchasers, and accessing an AI mentor that can review your website, ads, and answer all your queries. It also includes finding winning goods using AI.


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