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Gizmo is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that makes learning simple and accessible. Gizmo's AI quiz generators, flashcards, and interactive features help students learn in a fun and engaging way.
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What is Gizmo?

Gizmo AI is a mobile app that aims to make learning more efficient. It employs artificial intelligence to generate personalized quizzes based on the topic you’re learning.

This strategy seeks to solidify your comprehension by focusing on areas where you may require additional practice. Students praise the app’s usefulness, citing increased grades and a better understanding of complex concepts.


  • AI-powered Flashcard Creation

Gizmo automatically generates flashcards from your study resources, saving you time and effort.

  • Import Capability

You may import learning materials from a variety of sources, allowing you to use existing content with Gizmo.

  • Spaced Repetition

Gizmo employs spaced repetition, a strategy of scheduling reviews at increasing intervals that has been shown to enhance memory and knowledge retention.

  • AI Quiz Generation

Studying could be more fascinating if Gizmo turns your notes into interactive quizzes.

  • Goal Setting and Reminders

To keep focused and remain on track, users can set study goals and get alerts.

  • Integration with Other Learning applications

Working with other educational platforms or productivity tools may simplify your workflow and improve efficiency.

  • Advanced Quizzing Options

Quizzes that have different levels of complexity in questions (like open-ended or matching) as well as difficulty will meet a variety of learning needs.

How to Use Gizmo?

  • Give all your study materials (text, PDFs, YouTube videos) to Gizmo and it will utilize AI to create flashcards.
  • Review and customize the created flashcards as necessary.
  • Gizmo quizzes are available for content self-testing and enhancing one’s comprehension of the subject matter.

Who is Using Gizmo?

  • Individual learners who want a more involving way of studying may find Gizmo’s AI-generated flashcards and quizzes helpful.
  • The educators can come up with quizzes that they can distribute to their students or just endorse this platform to be used for personalized learning purposes.
  • Even non-conventional students would benefit from Gizmo because it makes learning permanent not just in the traditional classroom setting.

What Makes Gizmo Unique?

In contrast with other typical memory card software, Gizmos uses your original resources as an input to make memory cards for you in a unique and time efficient manner.

Gizmos’ main focus is based on active recall and spaced repetition, which are known scientifically to enhance retention. Active recall while doing self tests combined with spaced repetitions helps retain information longer.

Some of the contents supported by gizmos include texts, PDFs, slideshows, or even youtube videos, thereby making it suitable for different learning methods as well as material types.

Pros and Cons


  • Uses spaced repetition for improved long-term recollection.
  • Interactive quizzes make studying more engaging.
  • Share resources and work with others (if available).


  • Uncertain price structure or free tier availability.
  • AI-generated flashcards may be influenced by incorrect or inadequate original content.
  • Some learners may prefer traditional ways, thus this approach may not be ideal for them.

Pricing and Plan

Free model

Gizmo may offer a free base plan with limited capabilities (for example, the amount of flashcards and quizzes) as well as premium tiers for further capability.

Customized Plans

Pricing may be based on specific demands or usage, requiring consumers to contact Gizmo directly for a quote.


1. How does Gizmo make flashcards?

Gizmo uses artificial intelligence to analyze your study resources (text, PDFs, and videos) and build flashcards with critical topics.

2. Can I edit Gizmo’s flashcards?

Yes, you can examine and adjust the created flashcards to ensure correctness or to tailor them to your learning needs.

3. Does Gizmo provide practice quizzes?

Yes, Gizmo can turn your study materials into interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and reinforce your learning.

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