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To make things easier for users, GEES is an AI-powered, all-in-one design assistant. By consolidating user edits into a single file, it facilitates the management and organization of design projects.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is GEES?

With its comprehensive AI-powered platform, GEES has transformed the design industry. With GEES, users can consolidate all of their design work into a single file, simplifying the process from start to end.

  • The AI helper GEES AI makes generating components and drafts simple, making design chores easier, smarter, and more accurate. From creating to prototyping to getting feedback, users can effortlessly transition between modes that are tailored to their specific roles all within the same file.
  • GEES allows users to construct creative processes in a step-by-step manner by integrating AI blocks, which create unique workflows.Making sure data protection and smooth cooperation from planning to handoff, GEES supports standard design file formats and has accurate security features.
  • There are now two modes available in GEES (beta version): whiteboard and UI design. The prototype and graphic design modes will be released soon.


  • AI Design Assistant

GEES simplifies the creative process by using artificial intelligence to assist with numerous design jobs.

  • Benefits of Collaboration

Facilitates easy communication and cooperation among team members, making it perfect for collaborative assignments.

  • All Work Saved in One File

Consolidate all of your design work into a single file, which will simplify the process of managing files and verify that all of the project components are easily accessible using this feature.

  • Easy Access and Organization

All work can be stored in one file, allowing for unified file management.

  • Various Design Tools

Provides a full set of design tools to meet a wide range of creative requirements.

How to Use GEES

Understand everything from the fundamentals of setting up to the most complex design skills by exploring into the complete helpful library that is available on the GEES website.

Who is Using GEES?

  • Graphic designers: for making beautiful graphics much faster.
  • Digital marketing agencies: to create a broad variety of material for social media.
  • Entrepreneurs: Creating promotional materials and raising awareness of your brand via the platform.

What Makes GEES Unique?

When compared to other platforms, GEES stands out for its dedication to leveling equality in terms of design accessibility. Not only do its AI-powered tools make creation easier, but they additionally motivate people to be creative. In the competitive design tool industry, the platform stands out because to its versatility, which can accommodate anything from basic social media posts to complex marketing materials.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhances the design process with the help of AI.
  • An integrated system for managing files.
  • A complete set of design tools.
  • Allows team members to work together more easily.


  • It requires constant access to the internet to work properly.
  • Use just the platform’s own tools and templates.
  • Potentially have a learning curve for first-time users.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

  • Basic design tools and functionality are available to you.
  • Capabilities for managing projects and storing data are limited.

Paid Plan

  • Monthly Subscription: $12/month
  • Full access to all design capabilities!
  • Better project management features and more storage space.
  • Get priority support and updates.


1. Is GEES accessible in a free version?

There is a free plan available on GEES that gives you access to some basic design tools and functionalities.

2. Can I use GEES without an internet connection?

No, in order to use all of GEES’s features and functions to their full potential, you need an internet connection.

3. What file formats are supported by GEES for standard design?

Yes, GEES is compatible with most design programs and supports the most common file formats, so working together is simple.

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