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Gamma can produce decks and papers with a simple request, but you can also upload your files or paste material to offer the AI some context for your presentation.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Gamma IA powered cloud DLP for SaaS

What is Gamma.AI ?

With Gamma’s AI-enhanced content production tool, anyone can make presentations, documents, and websites that look and feel like they were created by experts.

It is a user-friendly platform that is strengthened by a variety of customizable templates and media integration capabilities, allowing it to quickly meet a wide range of professional needs.


  • The AI-Powered Generation

Gamma generates layouts, designs, and suggestions using artificial intelligence, saving users time and effort in visually engaging presentations.

  • Flexible Cards

Gamma’s adaptable cards let users boil down complex topics while keeping detail and context.

  • Polish in One Click

This function can refine a rough draft into a professional paper with one click. It handles formatting, styling, and aesthetics.

  • Restyle in One Click

Users can modify presentation style and appearance without changing content with this functionality. An excellent choice for people who wish to try new looks.

  • Flexible Templates

Gamma.app offers fast, efficient, and adaptable templates. Choose a template that suits you.

How To Use Gamma.AI?

  • Visit Gamma AI’s website.
  • Click “Sign up for free.”
  • Fill out the necessary information to establish your account.
  • Sign in using your credentials.
  • Select Create New.
  • Then, based on your use case, select Generate or any other available choice.
  • Choose between a presentation, a document, and a web page.
  • Type in your text prompt. For example, global warming and its implications can be considered inputs.
  • Then click Generate Outline.
  • Review the outline, and if everything is in order, click Continue. Otherwise, you may modify it as you see fit.
  • Select a template and then click on Generate.
  • Edit the output if necessary.
  • Click on Share.
  • You can now share or export your document and save it to your PC.

Who is Using Gamma.AI?

  • Marketers for developing compelling content.
  • Educators and students like the interactive learning materials.
  • Ideal for collaborative projects, with smooth co-editing and sharing.
  • Storytelling is an effective fundraising tool.
  • Real estate agents may build immersive property presentations.

What Makes Gamma.AI Unique?

Gamma separates itself by delivering professional-grade results while remaining simple. It demystifies content creation, making advanced design available to a broader audience. Its AI-driven interface streamlines the creation process, making it an effective tool for delivering engaging content.

Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Innovative AI capabilities
  • A vast array of templates
  • Collaboration made it more accessible.
  • Budget-friendly alternatives


  • Occasional AI hiccups
  • AI’s inability to adapt themes or color palettes
  • Slide/word limit in basic layouts.
  • Absence of offline use or mobile app

Pricing & Plans

  • Free plan

Create up to ten Gammas per month. Each presentation has a limit of 12 slides, and documents or web pages can contain up to 500 words. Basic templates are available.

  • Pro Plan

The pro plan costs $9 Per Month. Experience limitless Gamma creativity. Presentations can include up to 20 slides, while papers or webpages can have up to 1000 words. Premium templates, text import, collaborative tools, and priority support are among the other benefits.

  • Enterprise Plans

This plan is designed for large-scale users, with unrestricted creation and other advanced features. The precise pricing varies, so visit their official website for more information.


1. Can I upload custom fonts?

Yes, you may upload your own fonts using the Fonts menu on your home screen.

2. Can I import Google Slides, Keynote, or a PowerPoint presentation?

Gamma currently does not support this option, but hopes to do so shortly.

3. Can I share a Gamma with someone who does not have a Gamma?

Yes, you can share a Gamma and people can read it without having an account by clicking the “Share” button.

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