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Freed is an intelligent assistant listens, transcribes, and magically transforms your patient interactions into comprehensive SOAP notes, saving you hours and making your life as a physician easier and more efficient.
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What is Freed AI?

Freed AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that has been specifically built for healthcare providers. It works as an AI medical scribe, seeking to reduce the load of medical paperwork.


  • Transcript and Summary

Automatically transcribes patient encounters and summarizes key points.

  • Custom SOAP Notes

Generates notes that adhere to medical criteria and are configurable to individual clinician styles.

  • Self-learning AI

Each modification adapts to physician preferences and templates, gradually improving accuracy.

  • HIPAA Compliance

Maintains the most significant level of patient data security and confidentiality.

  • After Visit Summary

Provides a written report immediately following the visit, which improves patient follow-up.

How to Use Freed AI?

  • Capture the Visit.
  • Begin recording with Freed AI at the start of each patient engagement.
  • Freed AI listens to your talk with the patient.
  • Review the Note (Post-Visit).
  • Once the visit is completed, Freed AI will create a draft SOAP note based on the recorded chat.
  • SOAP notes are a typical medical record format that documents a patient’s medical history, current status, assessment, and treatment plan.
  • Edit and finalize.
  • Examine the draught SOAP note generated by Freed AI.
  • You may need to update the note to ensure accuracy and completeness, as well as to include your own observations or clinical judgment.
  • Paste in EHR.
  • When you’re satisfied with the SOAP note, copy and paste it into your electronic health record (EHR).

Who is Using Freed AI?

  • Primary Care Physicians regularly see a large number of patients, and Freed AI can dramatically cut paperwork time.
  • Freed AI can manage complex medical notes in their area of specialty, allowing specialists to focus on patient care.
  • By streamlining documentation with Freed AI, clinic managers have the ability to increase overall efficiency and reduce administrative overhead.

What Makes Freed AI Unique?

Unlike some speech recognition software, Freed AI goes beyond basic transcription. It can gradually learn and adapt to individual doctors’ vocabulary, practice approaches, and even accents, resulting in more accurate and individualized documentation.

Freed AI generates SOAP notes during patient contacts, saving time over dictation or manual note-taking after the session.

Pros and Cons


  • Increased clinical efficiency.
  • SOAP notes are now more accurate.
  • Reduced administrative burden.
  • Self-learning capabilities for customization.
  • HIPAA compliance ensures data privacy.


  • Requires reviewing and amending AI-generated notes.
  • Monthly subscription cost.
  • Potential integration issues with EHR systems.
  • Limited functionality (mostly SOAP note generation).
  • Reliance on technology (prone to technological problems).

Pricing and Plan

Free Trial

They most likely offer a brief free trial to evaluate the tool before committing.

Freed Plan

A single paid plan (named “Freed”) is available, costing $99 per month per user. This plan includes limitless recording and document production.

Group Plan

For clinics or more prominent organizations, Freed AI provides unique pricing with potential bulk reductions. Details are not publicly available, and you must contact Freed AI personally.


1. Who is the founder of Freed AI?

Who are the CEO, founders, and directors of Freed? Erez Druk, Co-Founder and CEO, is the founder of two enterprises. 2 emails. Andrey Bannikov, Co-Founder, is the founder of one company.

2. Is a 100% discount free?

If you provide a customer with a 100% discount code, you will lose money. Nothing in life is truly free. The store owner would continue to pay for the merchandise, but the customer would not pay anything.

3. Is free AI safe?

Freed is HIPAA-compliant for practices in the United States.

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