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Quickly transport yourself to the 90's with Fotor's AI yearbook generator all you have to do is upload a selfie.
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What is AI yearbook generator?

By utilizing the AI Yearbook Generator, anyone can effortlessly make wistful 1990s yearbook pictures. Make a one-of-a-kind yearbook cover that captures the spirit of your high school experience by uploading a selfie and choosing a template.


  • Give Your AI Yearbook Photo a Unique 90s Background.

With Fotor’s yearbook creator, your AI yearbook pictures will stand out. Once you’ve made an AI yearbook picture, use the built-in background maker to make it look very 90s. Being able to change backgrounds from the 1990s lets AI make unique and nostalgic yearbook photos.

  • Follow photo trends with AI yearbook photos.

Recently, everyone is talking about AI yearbooks, so now is a great time to make a stylish cover for an AI yearbook. You’ll have a cool AI yearbook picture right away after you upload your selfie. After that, share it on Instagram or TikTok and ask people to like and comment on it.

  • Add a Unique 90s Background to Your AI Yearbook Photo

Make your AI yearbook pictures stand out with Fotor’s yearbook creator. After you’ve generated an AI yearbook photo, use the in-built background generator to give it that distinct 90s feel. The ability to manipulate backgrounds from the 1990s enables the production of unique and nostalgic AI yearbook images.

  • Use AI Yearbook Photos to Follow AI Photo Trends

Nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about AI yearbooks, so now is a great opportunity to make a fashionable AI yearbook cover. Just a few seconds after you upload your selfie, you’ll have a trendy AI yearbook photo. Then, get people to like and comment on it by sharing it on Instagram or TikTok.

  • Touch Memories with AI Yearbook Photos

An old yearbook is the perfect present for your closest friends and besties. To help you remember and cherish those wonderful years of high school, you can create artificial intelligence yearbook photos, choose a favorite yearbook template, and personalize an original yearbook.

How to Use AI yearbook generator

  • To use Fotor’s AI yearbook generator, click the “Generate Free AI Yearbook Photo” button.
  • To get ready for a personalized AI yearbook photo, scroll down to select your preferred template and then upload a selfie of yourself.
  • By simply uploading a selfie, our AI yearbook designer can instantly alter it into a throwback yearbook photo complete with a swapped face.
  • Your AI-generated yearbook photo is now available for download and sharing on social media.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick and simple to use for making nostalgic yearbook photos
  • A wide selection of templates and tools for personalization
  • Fast generation and social media


  • Possible security and privacy issues with personal images

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

You can make use of the AI yearbook photo editor’s fundamental tools at no cost. Take advantage of simple editing tools and a limited selection of templates to begin.

Paid Plan

For only 83.25 rupees per month, you can gain access to premium templates and advanced tools. Use AI’s unique styles and extensive personalization tools to improve your yearbook photos.


1. Is the AI Yearbook secure?

A data breach could expose children’s AI-processed images online, making them vulnerable to online predators. Children’s safety depends on preventing image misuse or leakage.

2. What is the process for completing the AI Yearbook?

The 90s yearbook trend on Instagram and TikTok uses AI apps like EPIK to turn photos into 1990s yearbook photos. If you attended school in the 1990s, you looked like this. Image sharing on social media.

3. Are AI yearbook templates customizable?

You can make your own unique yearbook photo with the AI yearbook generator by modifying the available templates to your liking. This involves changing the background color and adding or removing styles.

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