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FakeYou is celebrity voice generator AI tool. With the help of this tool you can easily transfer your voice into videos.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is FakeYou?

Can you remember a time when you wanted your favorite characters to say whatever you wanted them to? Have you ever considered the possibility of their translation into other languages or situations? If that’s the case, you might enjoy FakeYou, a website that employs deep fake technology to create videos and sounds of different characters reading your writing.

What are the Features of FakeYou?

  • Superb voice library

2,979 voices to choose from, with language and category filters

  • Browse and download

Users have access to the session results before getting the audio clip.

  • Community feature

You can add audio clips, compete in leaderboards, and listen to other users’ newest clips.

  • API and help for developers

Connect FakeYou to other programs and projects

  • Price flexibility

Select a plan that fits your needs.

How to Use FakeYou?

  • FakeYou is affordable and simple to use. Joining up is free, and you’ll get 10 minutes of monthly audio and video generation. For additional minutes and features, you have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription.
  • FakeYou will not keep any of your information and will not share it with anyone.
  • If you want to join a community where you can post your creations and get feedback, you may do it on Reddit and Discord as well. Keep checking back for additional updates to FakeYou as we add new voices and features all the time.
  • Create incredible audio and video clips of your beloved characters with the help of FakeYou, the most deep fake text-to-speech website.
  • Anyone can use FakeYou to make someone say anything—from something adorable to something serious or anything in between.

Who is Using FakeYou?

Entertainment: Create audio segments that are entertaining and interesting, including well-known voices

Advertising: Use familiar character voices to make unique promotional content

Programmers: Add FakeYou to apps for a variety of creative projects.

What Makes FakeYou Unique?

FakeYou is great for people who make content and want to give their work more personality. FakeYou lets you make silly memes, parodies, fan stories, podcasts, animations, and more. You can also use FakeYou to have fun with your friends, learn a language, or work on your speech.

Pros & Cons


  • Make your favorite characters say anything you want with FakeYou’s deep fake tech.
  • An artificial intelligence (AI) powered text-to-speech and voice conversion program may transform your voice or words into the voice of a beloved character.
  • Using voices that are both realistic and expressive allows you to give your content more personality and creativity.


  • Not always correct: How accurate FakeYou’s output is depends on how good the text or sound file that you feed it is. The result might not be correct if the input is not clear or loud.
  • Can be used maliciously: FakeYou’s technology can make deep fake videos for misinformation and fake news.

Pricing & Plan


The $7-per-month Plus package is ideal for customers who desire higher video and audio limits. Unlimited generations of up to 30 seconds of Text-to-Speech, 4 minutes of Voice-to-Voice, and 1 minute of Wav2Lip audio and video are available.


Independent content creators and Deepfake enthusiasts pay $15 per month for Pro. It has faster processing, 5 minutes of Voice-to-Voice, and 2 minutes of Wav2Lip video, like the Plus package. Users can upload private models for platform features.


For commercial content developers and voice performers, Elite costs $25 per month. It includes the fastest processing priority, unlimited Voice-to-Voice audio creation, and the platform’s exclusive commercial AI voices from the Pro package. Uploading private models to FakeYou’s Discord is also possible.


1. Is Fake You free to use?

Yes. For no cost at all, users can access all three primary functions of FakeYou: text-to-speech, voice-to-voice, and video lip sync. However, the platform imposes restrictions on their use. To take advantage of more advanced features for video and audio creation, users need to subscribe to one of FakeYou’s price plans.

2. How secure is Fake You?

Yes. The platform processes data over an encrypted connection using strict security rules. To keep sensitive information safe, users should not enter their personal information or other sensitive data on the platform’s features.

3. Can FakeYou understand multiple languages?

Yes. The Text-to-Speech tool in FakeYou allows premium users to create audio material in more than 20 languages, including English, Chinese, German, Dutch, and more. Unfortunately, the majority of the AI voices created by users are only available in English. Users will need to search further for a voice that supports other languages.

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