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Verify identities easily with FaceCheck.ID's face recognition search engine, Find anyone online by photo and ensure you're communicating with the right person.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is FaceCheck ID?

Through the use of artificial intelligence and a reverse image search technology, FaceCheck enables users to locate individuals online just by looking at their pictures. It uses advanced algorithms for machine learning to present the user their social media profiles together with their presence in blogs, videos, and news websites. Also included in the application is a massive database with millions of faces extracted from mugshots, websites portraying sexual criminals, and suspects mentioned in the media. The user may safeguard their family from harm by making use of this comprehensive information.

In addition, the AI tool may help users spot catfish, romance scammers, and fraudulent dating profiles. Users may also find it useful in avoiding deadbeats, convicted felons, and scam artists. On top of that, it may help consumers spot scam artists before they do business with them. Furthermore, users may request the removal of certain images from the database, and if approved, the images will no longer be accessible.


  • Only for Educational Use

FaceCheck’s primary goal is to be used as a teaching tool to learners interested in artificial intelligence and reverse image search.

  • No Storage of Sensitive or Personally Identifiable Data

For the purpose of protecting user privacy and security, FaceCheck does not keep any personally identifying information or sensitive data.

  • Find People Online from an Image

Users may now search for people online using only their photos, making it easier to recognize people on different websites.

  • Verification of Social Media Profiles

In order to assist users verify identities and stay away from frauds, the platform may provide them with social media profiles of people.

  • Identify Fake Dating Profiles and Romance Scammers

Users may protect themselves from possible fraud by using FaceCheck to detect and block bogus dating profiles, catfish, and romance fraudsters.

  • Premium Updates Coming Soon

FaceCheck is working on a premium update that will include more features and make it easier for users to search for images online.

Pros & Cons


  • One advantage of Facecheck ID is a lower risk of identity theft due to its very precise facial recognition technology.
  • Verifying an item becomes much faster as a result.
  • I really like using it because of how straightforward the user interface is.
  • It includes robust security features that protect sensitive data.
  • Its incredible worldwide use derives from its ability to identify and validate individuals from a wide range of countries.


  • Image quality determines how accurate the results will be, therefore low-quality input images might compromise the results.
  • Any facial recognition program has to take certain privacy concerns into account.

Pricing & Plan

Paid plan

An upgraded, premium version of FaceCheck is available for purchase.

Free plan

Users can access a limited free trial with 5 trials to experience the platform’s functionality.

Minimum Price

The minimum price for the paid version is $6 per month, payable in cryptocurrency, providing affordable access to enhanced features and services

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