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Evoto’s presets and automatics make it beginner-friendly. They can achieve professional-looking edits that do not require much editing skills.
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What is Evoto?

Evoto is an AI-powered photo editing software that automates and enhances various aspects of the editing process. It is aimed at saving time and effort especially for photographers who edit a lot of portraits.


  • Portrait Retouching

Evoto has AI-powered tools for portrait retouching and enhancement which include features like removing flyaway hairs, blemishes, wrinkles etc.

  • Background Adjustments

The Background Adjustments feature in Evoto allows you to effortlessly change your photos’ backgrounds with new images or presets. There is also a background cleaning tool which helps in removing unwanted items.

Aside from automatic color correction through AI, Evoto provides manual options for altering exposure, white balance and color balance.

  • Presets

Evoto comes with pre-made filters and effects for easy photo editing. These presets were made by seasoned photographers to help you get a particular look or style.

How to use Evoto?

  • Go to Evoto.
  • Load your photo.
  • Using AI-powered tools or doing manual edits, which could include blemish removal, skin smoothing, backdrop modifications, and color correction.
  • Applying pre-made filters or effects is optional.
  • Edit multiple photographs at once (optional).
  • Save your final image.

Who is using Evoto?

  • Evoto’s AI-powered solutions for skin retouching, blemish removal, and backdrop modifications can help wedding, portrait, headshot Photographers expedite their editing workflow, especially for portrait-intensive assignments.
  • Evoto’s features can help newborn photographers clean up baby images and make them look beautiful.
  • Fashion photographers can use Evoto’s tools to smooth skin and adjust backgrounds, resulting in a polished, high-fashion image.
  • Event Photographers can use Evoto’s batch processing to save time when editing huge numbers of photographs from events.

What Makes Evoto Unique?

Evoto’s tools for removing backgrounds and making adjustments are more effective than most other software.

Besides simple removal, it provides you with an avenue to change the background effortlessly as well as make additional modifications like replacing the sky.

Pros and Cons


  • Evoto’s AI is noted for doing realistic edits, particularly on portraiture.
  • Both novices and professionals will find the interface easy to use.
  • Edit numerous photographs simultaneously for a speedier workflow.
  • Edit while on the fly using a mobile app (which may have limits).


  • Editing functions require credits, which can be inconvenient for regular users.
  • Subscription-based pricing may not be suitable for casual users.
  • As with any new software, there may be some bugs.
  • Evoto focuses on altering existing photos rather than developing new ones using AI.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

When you register, you’ll receive 5 free credits to try out the tool’s features, with only one credit subtracted when you export your modified photo for the first time. For individuals who require greater editing capabilities.

Basic Plan

Starts at US$83.88 and includes 1,200 credits.

Professional Plan

Priced at US$3,499.88, it includes a generous 75,000 credits.

Customized Plan

The plan you choose relies on your editing requirements and may be easily picked on the official Evoto AI website.


1. What kinds of modifications can Evoto make?

Evoto specializes in portrait retouching, which includes blemish removal, skin smoothing, background editing, and color correction. It also supports global settings and includes a preset library.

2. How can I use Evoto?

Simply, you import your photo, modify it with AI tools or manual edits, add presets if desired, batch edit several photos, and then save your finished image.

3. Which file types does Evoto export?

Evoto supports exporting modifications in standard image formats such as JPEG and TIFF.

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