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Eluna AI

What is Eluna.ai?

Eluna.ai is an artificial intelligence-based image production platform that enables users to create unique and stunning images. With various templates and tools, users can play around with different looks and captions that will bring their thoughts into existence.


Eluna.ai is the place to be. It lets you come up with unique photos using various styles and artificial intelligence models.

  • Variety of tools beyond images

Not only does Eluna.ai stop at images, but it also offers tools for generating text, creating audio, and producing videos with features like infinite zoom.

  • User-friendly interface and templates

This platform has a user-friendly design that allows you to play around with different prompts and models.

  • Thriving community

Eluna.ai encourages a creative society where people like you can find

others who have something in common, showcase what they have done, join hands on some projects and get responses accordingly.

  • Cost-effective

Eluna.ai provides a free plan plus subscription tiers that cater to many people.

How to Use Eluna.ai?

  • Describe your image concept in words (text prompt).
  • Select an AI model to generate it.
  • Adjust the results with different styles and settings.
  • Download your creation!

Who is using Eluna.ai?

  • New persons include artists, designers, and anyone who wishes to use AI to create distinctive images or develop new ideas.
  • Eluna’s capacity to swiftly make images is helpful for YouTubers, social media managers, and anybody else who requires visuals for their material.
  • Eluna’ai’s image generation can help marketing teams and businesses generate ad campaigns or product mockups more efficiently.
  • Eluna.ai’s text generation, audio, and video capabilities can help anyone generate ideas, create presentations, and even write scripts.

What Makes Eluna.ai Unique?

Among many platforms that focus on generating images, Eluna.ai offers a wider array of creative tools including text generation, audio creation and video editing features too.

Eluna.ai encourages socializing through which people are able to interact, share their creations and work together. This emphasis can give birth to new ideas and provide an opportunity for constructive feedback that is not like what is obtainable in other Al-based creativity outlets.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a variety of AI tools beyond image generation, such as text and audio creation.
  • It saves time by allowing you to reuse successful prompts.
  • Connects you with other creative users to inspire and collaborate.
  • A free plan is provided, with premium ones offering additional credits and features.


  • The free plan may not be enough for extensive use, and costlier plans may limit credits.
  • AI image generation is still in development. Therefore the results may not always be ideal.
  • While the instructions and model selection are simple, mastering them requires practice.
  • Understanding how AI-generated work fits under copyright restrictions is vital.

Pricing and Plan


It costs $10 per month (paid annually) and gets you 750 credits per month, 5,000 Wiz GPT tokens per hour, a priority rendering queue, community access, priority support, and beta access to new features.


It costs $20 per month (paid yearly) gives 5,000 credits per month and 10,000 Wiz GPT tokens per hour (presumably for text production); the same features as the Basic package, but with larger credit and token limits.


1. Does Eluna.ai provide a free plan?

Yes, Eluna.ai provides a free plan with limited functionality. They also offer tier-based subscription programs that provide access to additional features and capabilities.

2. Is there a community of Eluna.ai users?

Eluna.ai encourages people to interact, share their work, cooperate on projects, and receive feedback from others who share their interests.

3. What does the Eluna AI do?

Eluna is a sophisticated text analytics tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help organizations gain insights from their textual data.

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