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Using language models, Elicit enables you to automate your research procedures like literature reviews.
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What is Elicit?

Elicit is an online-based application that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to help scholars in a range of tasks, including finding appropriate publications, summarizing main points and extracting data.

This tool aims to automate some parts of the research process, especially the literature review. Elicit helps in responding to questions related to research by looking for articles that don’t precisely correspond with keywords but still relate to the topic.


  • Advanced Semantic Search

Find relevant publications based on semantic similarities, even if they don’t match specific keywords, broadening the area of your research.

  • Customized Summaries

Receive abstract summaries tailored to your question, offering a preliminary overview of the research while simplifying brutal facts.

  • Citation Graph Exploration

Automatically search backward and forward in the citation graph to find more relevant publications, allowing for thorough investigation and exploration of related works.

  • Flexible Data Organization

Customize and organize paper material, add more details, and filter by numerous criteria to improve your ability to study and evaluate research findings.

How to Use Elicit?

  • Sign up and Log in to the Elicit.
  • In Elicit, create a new project called “notebook.”
  • Briefly describe your research topic or query.
  • Elicit searches for relevant articles and delivers summaries.
  • Use Elicit to extract crucial details from publications, such as procedures and findings.
  • Elicit enables you to discover connections between papers and identify research gaps.

Who is Using Elicit?

  • Elicit capabilities, such as advanced literature search, information extraction, and citation management, are very useful for researchers who perform extensive studies and write academic papers.
  • Elicit can help graduate students perform literature reviews, write theses and dissertations, and manage research projects.

What Makes Elicit Unique?

Unlike typical search engines that rely on exact term matches, Elicit considers semantic similarities. This implies it can identify relevant papers on your topic even if they don’t contain the exact keywords you did.

Elicit does not only provide general summaries of research publications. It customizes the summaries for your individual research issue, allowing you to immediately understand the paper’s relevance to your needs.

Pros and Cons


  • It can save you time and effort by automating certain aspects of your literature review.
  • It can locate relevant publications that you would overlook using keyword search.
  • It can provide you with new views and questions to investigate your issue further.


  • It may be unable to answer sophisticated or particular problems that necessitate more research or synthesis.
  • It may not include all relevant sources or databases for your topic. You may need to augment your search with additional tools.
  • It may be difficult to learn languages other than English. If your inquiry or papers are in another language, you may need to translate them.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

This plan is an excellent beginning point, with features such as basic literature search, document summary, and limited information extraction. It also provides a one-time credit to test out certain premium features.

Plus Plan

This plan is designed for individual users and includes a monthly subscription cost. It adds features such as more credits for information extraction, access to high-accuracy search options, and the ability to export research results.


1. What exactly does it mean to Elicit examples?

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2. Is Elicit suitable for research?

Elicit works best in empirical sectors that require experiments and objective findings. This kind of research is prevalent in biology and machine learning.

3. Who Created Elicit?

Elicit is an online tool created by Ought, a nonprofit machine learning (ML) research lab based in the United States.

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