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Editby maintain your brand's identity while creating SEO-optimized content that covers all the necessary information.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is Editby?

The website editby.ai has a number of services that writers and content creators can use. Editby.ai provides services that use AI and NLP. You can get them online through the website or as a mobile app. The goal of Editby.ai is to help you make good content more easily and faster.

This service will rewrite your content in a new way while keeping its original meaning and tone. This service can help you avoid copying, make your work easier to read, or change the way it looks.

This tool lets you make a short outline of any piece of writing, like a report, an article, or a book. This service might save you time, help you get the main idea, or make tough information easier to grasp.

You can paraphrase by putting a sentence or paragraph in your own words while keeping the meaning and context of the original. That might be possible with this service’s help. It can help you explain, discuss, or cite sources.

You can use this service to come up with new content based on themes, topics, or groups. With this service, you can write blog posts, short stories, articles, and themes.


  • Full-featured SEO-optimized content creation

    Editby.ai helps you write SEO-optimized content that ranks higher and reaches more people.

  • Comprehensive content Optimization for SEO

    You can use the SEO tools in the tool to make your work more noticeable and reach more people online.

  • Make and share content anywhere

    Editby.ai lets you make and share content anywhere, even on WordPress. You can easily reach your viewers anywhere.

  • Feedback and ways to improve

    The site helps you improve your work by giving you feedback and ways to improve.

  • Checks for spelling and grammar

    Editby.ai checks your work for spelling and grammar mistakes automatically, so your writing is clear and free of mistakes.

Pros and Cons


  • It gives you feedback and ideas that could help you improve your writing.
  • You might be able to save time and effort by automating editing tasks like language, writing, punctuation, and style.
  • Coming up with new ideas for your writing tasks could help you become more creative.


  • It could be better if you knew more about your audience and the details of your work better.
  • It is possible to find mistakes or copying that require human judgment and knowledge.
  • Writing about academic, law, or technical subjects can be hard because the topics are often confusing or very specific.

Plans & Prices

  • Starter Plan: $39.90 a month

    This plan is great for people who are just starting out because it has everything they need.

  • Pay $99.90 a month for the Professional Plan

    This is great for individuals and small groups. It has high-tech tools and features that will help you get more done and work together.

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