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Dola is an AI agent calendar helper tool that uses GPT-4, the most powerful natural language processing technology.
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What is Dola?

Dola is an AI-powered assistant that manages your schedule via natural language interactions. You may add, update, and cancel calendar events using text, voice commands, or even photos.


  • Multi-Modal add/edit/search/cancel calendar events

All you have to do is send or forward messages (texts, photos, and voice) to Dola using your messaging software. Dola organizes the information into plans and calendar notifications.

  • AI Alerts and Reminders

Dola functions as your personal secretary, sending warnings and reminders via your messenger app. To receive powerful notifications, sync Dola with other calendar apps such as Google or iOS calendar.

  • Complex jobs made simple

Dola handles the most complex calendar duties with the most straightforward chat. Find more cases at https://hidola.ai.

  • Download-free

Simply add Dola as a unique contact in iMessages, Whatsapp, Telegram, or Line to begin transforming talks into schedules in no time.

  • AI assistant for your group chat

Include Dola in your group discussions. As soon as a plan is created, use “Dola” to add, update, cancel, or search for events. Currently, this feature is limited to Telegram and Line.

  • Syncable

Connect Dola to Google or iOS calendars to keep your alerts synchronized across all of your devices.

  • Core Strength

Dola’s primary strength appears to be its capacity to interpret and respond to natural language. This means you can avoid the usual calendar UI and manage your schedule in plain English.

  • Conversational Interface

Dola goes beyond simply identifying terms. It understands conversational nuances, allowing you to interact with your calendar naturally.

  • Effortless Event Management

Use natural language to add, alter, and cancel events. No more dealing with clumsy calendar interfaces.

How to Use Dola?

  • Go to the Dola.
  • Interact naturally by speaking, texting, or sending an image to Dola.
  • Add, amend, or cancel events in plain English.
  • Dola interacts with your existing calendar, keeping things aligned.

Who is Using Dola?

  • Dola appears to be a new AI assistant, and widespread adoption may still be in the early phases. This means that user base information may be limited.
  • There are few readily available details regarding Dola. It is possible that some Dola consumers have not publicly shared their experiences.

What Makes Dola Unique?

Dola AI, developed by a team of the world’s most skilled engineers, has received over 100 version changes in the last 45 days to improve its processes, rapid engineering, and agent engineering. We promise to provide the most seamless user experience in daily life.

Pros and Cons


  • Easily manage your schedule using simple English (written, speech, or graphics).
  • Handles complex scheduling requirements such as multiple events and travel time.
  • Works with existing calendars and has the potential to support voice assistants.
  • Streamlined schedule management saves time and decreases stress.


  • There have been few user reviews, and the effectiveness may be being evaluated.
  • Details about individual features, pricing, and data privacy may be limited.

Pricing and Plan

Freemium Model

Many AI assistant tools include a free tier with limited features and paid tiers with more functionality. Dola might use a similar freemium approach.


Dola may provide monthly or annual subscription options for full access to its services.


1. Is Dola free?

There is currently no information available on Dola’s pricing. For price information, please refer to the official Dola website or application.

2. Is Dola safe to use?

Dola most certainly has privacy policies in place that outline how they handle your data. Before using Dola, please check these policies to understand how your information will be handled and safeguarded.

3. How can I use Dola?

Dola most likely has a user interface in which you can communicate via text, voice commands, or by uploading photos with scheduling information.

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