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Detangle simplifies legal language so you understand it easily, saving you money on legal fees and giving you confidence in legal situations.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is detangle?

It is a web-based service called Detangle.ai. It employs artificial intelligence to summarize videos, audio, and text. This online service allows people to focus on what matters because it extracts key points and important information from any resource.

You can sign up for Google by joining their waitlist for early access to their product. Detangle.ai also creates summaries in different formats such as bullet points, paragraphs, or slides.

If you would like to learn faster from multiple sources then consider using Detangle.ai which is good for students, researchers, professionals, or anyone who wants to gain more knowledge within a short time.


  • Provide legal suggestions easily

Detangle simplifies the law into easy-to-understand solutions that directly address your situation even where it involves complex concepts. Legal advice is available at an affordable rate due to transparent pricing based on word count.

  • Suitable for understanding your legal documents in simple languages

Detangle AI distills the legalese and provides simple explanations of your papers to help you better understand. Misunderstandings are eliminated as this platform presents clear-cut explications of the documents.

  • Using AES specifications

Detangle’s use of AES requirements maintains confidentiality and integrity regarding sensitive legal data. Be confident that confidential information will be enciphered properly.

  • Privacy for our data

Your data is protected with the strictest privacy precautions, guaranteeing that your legal information is kept confidential and secure from unwanted access. Detangle prioritizes your privacy, giving you peace of mind when managing sensitive papers.

  • Detangle serves as your legal assistant

Detangle functions as your legal assistant, simplifying and arranging your legal paperwork to make them easier to read and manage. With no monthly costs and flexible one-time payments, Detangle provides affordable legal solutions for all your needs.

Pros & Cons


  • It can save time and effort by extracting the most essential facts from any source of information.
  • It can help users focus on what is necessary and minimize distractions or extraneous details.
  • It supports various formats and languages, making it adaptable and accessible.
  • It may generate summaries of varying lengths and styles based on the user’s preferences and intent.
  • It can help consumers understand and retain information by giving concise summaries.


  • It is still in beta testing and is waiting for new users, so it may not be available or reliable to everyone.
  • It may be unable to capture the original source’s nuances, emotions, or context, resulting in lower-quality and less-accurate summaries.
  • It may be unable to handle complex or specialized issues requiring domain knowledge or experience.
  • It may be unable to preserve the privacy or security of the user’s data, mainly if the source contains sensitive or personal information.
  • It may not replace human judgment or critical thinking, which are required to effectively evaluate and apply summaries.

Plans & Pricing 

  • Standard Plan

Detangle’s premium plan prices are based on the length of the document so charges are fair and align with your needs. Even long documents cost way less than talking to an attorney. They offer flexible flat rates ($19-$199 USD) that do not involve recurring charges making them very affordable. Pay per use legal answers at low costs for the docs you need when you need them.

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