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Deep Fake AI

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With DeepFakeAI's help, you can make deep fakes with just a few clicks, thanks to the web app and Telegram bot.
Pricing Model: Paid
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Deep Fake AI

What is DeepFake AI?

The DeepFakeAI platform allows users to create deep fakes, artificial intelligence art, videos, and chatbots. Its web app and Telegram bot provide a user-friendly interface that enables users to build deep fakes with just a few clicks.


  • Quick and Easy

DeepFakeAI’s web app and Telegram bot allow users to make deep fake videos. The intuitive interface allows even those without technical expertise or experience to make professional-looking deep fakes.

  • Unlimited Video Generation

DeepFakeAI lets users create unlimited videos. Creators of media who want to make many versions of a video for advertising, testing, or just plain fun will love this feature. To generate original and interesting material, users can play around with different styles, effects, and scenarios.

  • Real-time Preview

Users can see what their deepfake videos will look like right now, which makes it easier to make changes and get the best result.

  • High-Quality Results

DeepFakeAI makes high-quality deepfake videos that add faces to target movies in a way that looks natural and flows well.

  • Changes to Facial Expressions

Users can change the way videos show facial expressions to make deepfakes that look real and real-feeling.

  • Speech Synthesis

The platform lets people make speech generated, which lets deepfake videos have voiceovers that sound real.

  • Options for Customization

DeepFakeAI lets users change settings like lighting, background, and face mixing to make deepfakes that are absolutely unique and personal.

How to Use DeepFake AI

1. Create an Account

Start new on DeepFakeAI by making an account. Please confirm your email address.

2. Invest in time

Purchase the desired amount of minutes. You can use your credit card to purchase minutes.

3. Begin creating videos

You can start making videos using the dashboard web app.

Who is Using DeepFake AI?

DeepFake AI is utilized by a wide variety of users, like content creators, marketers, and filmmakers, specifically for the purpose of producing deepfake videos that appear to be professional and interesting.

What Makes DeepFake AI Unique?

Notable among deepfake generators is their commitment to responsible and ethical use of the technology, which guarantees the authenticity of content. A great tool for worldwide communication, it can produce excellent movies with AI avatars and voiceovers in numerous languages.

Pros & Cons


  • Make video advertising more affordable.
  • It can improve multichannel advertising campaigns.
  • It can deliver customers a highly customized experience.


  • Trust Issues

The most obvious effect of deepfakes is the proliferation of fake videos; this makes it harder to tell which videos are real and which are not.

  • Scams on the Rise

Scams, such the fabrication of false claims against businesses, could become more common with the use of deepfake technology.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Not specified.

Paid Plan: $2/minute

Users with different demands can find a flexible alternative with the price plan based on the amount of time they use the platform. Artificial intelligence (AI) art, videos, and chatbots can all be quickly and affordably made with DeepFakeAI.


1. In what ways does DeepFakeAI check if the content is genuine?

In order to ensure that the content on its site is genuine, DeepFakeAI employs advanced algorithms and technologies. Also, in order to stop anyone from abusing the technology, strict guidelines and monitoring are used.

2. Is DeepFakeAI only for business, or can I use it for personal projects?

DeepFakeAI is open for business and personal use. Anyone can use the platform to make deepfakes, AI art, films, or chatbots; it doesn’t matter why.

3. How many languages does DeepFakeAI support for AI avatars and voiceovers?

Users can reach an international audience with their content because DeepFakeAI supports multiple languages for AI avatars and voiceovers.

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