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Conch.AI is the best tool for writing essays, research papers, and assignments faster, with autocomplete, paraphrasing, citations, and plagiarism checks.
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What is Conch AI?

Conch AI is an AI-powered writing helper that aims to help students and professionals write faster and more efficiently. Autocompletion, summary, paraphrasing, grammar and style checking, and other tools help users increase productivity and save time.


  • Autocomplete

Uses artificial intelligence to propose the next logical sentence based on what the user has already entered. Helps to overcome writer’s block.

  • Summarization

Condenses lengthy texts into succinct overviews. Ideal for study and note-taking.

  • Paraphrasing

The process of rewriting text in various words to convey the same message. Helps to improve writing style.

  • Grammar/Style Checker

Identifies and corrects errors in grammar, punctuation, and style. Enhances writing quality.

  • Rewriting

According to the user’s tastes, text can be made more concise, professional, or casual. Personalised writing for different groups.

  • Citation Generator

In-text citations are generated automatically. Time is saved by efficiently seeking information.

How to use Conch AI?

  • Go to the platform’s website to start using Conch AI.
  • After you have signed up, use the AI features and services by logging in.
  • Consider your needs when choosing the most desirable plan.
  • When you log in, access the Conch AI dashboard to familiarize yourself with its look and operation.
  • The platform has different options and tools that will significantly boost your experience while you are using it.

Who is using Conch AI?

  • Students: Writing projects become easier starting from middle school till graduation because of Conch AI
  • Academics & Researchers: Speeds up literature reviews, paper authoring, and publication cycles.
  • Bloggers: Enhances content provider marketers’ writing productivity.
  • Attorneys: Simplify legal briefs through plain English paraphrasing and Bluebook citation generation.
  • Writers: Overcome writer’s block quickly; polish prose; edit faster.

What makes Conch AI unique?

  • Conch AI is most notable for its highly developed natural language processing skills that allow it to read human-like prose and write it accurately. Its simplicity of use and seamless integration options make it easy to incorporate into various workflows.
  • Besides, Conch AI offers vast tailoring and security alternatives that guarantee personalized and secure interactions. Continued learning and vibrant community support enhance the effectiveness of Conch AI making it a versatile and reliable tool for businesses in different sectors.

Pros & Cons


  • It generates text depending on your keywords or input, allowing you to write faster and more efficiently.
  • It can assist you avoid AI detection techniques like GPTZero by altering your text till it is undetectable.
  • It can help you create citations and summaries for your sources.
  • It may be used anywhere on the web with the Chrome extension.


  • It may not guarantee the quality or originality of the generated text.
  • It may not support all languages or formats required for your writing work.
  • It may be unethical or academic to utilize AI assistance to produce essays or assignments without due attribution or acknowledgment.
  • It may not be safe or private to disclose personal or sensitive information with an online service that stores or accesses your data.

Pricing and Plan

  • Free plan

It allows for limited monthly consumption and access to basic features.

  • Pro Plan

It costs $9.99 per month. Unlimited use and access to all features.

  • Business Plan

It costs $19.99 per month. Unlimited usage, access to all features, and team collaboration.


1. Is there a free version?

Yes, the free plan provides a limited monthly consumption.

2. Which integrations are available?

Conch works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Chrome, Firefox, Slack, and Zapier.

3. Can it detect plagiarism?

Yes, Conch’s plagiarism checker detects copied or unoriginal text.

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