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Stop wasting time with ChatGPT prompts and start making amazing content with the best AI editor. Cohesive makes it easy to create, update, and publish.
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What is Cohesive?

Cohesive is a revolutionary AI-driven platform that will revolutionize the content creation, editing, and publishing. It provides an intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly create interesting, relevant, and conversion-optimized content, focusing on removing the challenges connected with content production.

The large library of over 200 templates in Cohesive provides a solid basis to launch your creative process, whether you’re working on SEO, ad copywriting, marketing copy, or social media material.

People looking to improve their writing and businesses trying to increase the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing or simplify customer service are all potential users of this tool.


  • 200+ Curated themes

You can choose from a wide range of themes for different types of content, which allows you to create content quickly and effectively.

  • Real-Time Collaboration

Add features that let users edit and comment in real time to make it easier for teams to work together. This way, everyone stays on track and in sync.

  • Editing with AI

Use AI’s editing capabilities to polish your content, including text, graphics, and translations.

  • Idea Generator for Content

Use the editor’s built-in content suggestion feature to get ideas for your next project’s content.

  • Functionality

Cohesive can be used for many things, from improving your writing to creating professional marketing and sales content.

Who is Using Cohesive?

  • Blog writers, social media influencers, and ad copywriters create engaging material.
  • Marketing professionals should use AI content that converts well across platforms to maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Emails and subject lines generated by sales teams focusing on conversions are more likely to be opened.
  • Customer support representatives are responsible for assisting customers with rapid responses and thorough documentation.
  • Customer service representatives are responsible for providing incredibly quick responses and writing detailed help material.

What Makes Cohesive Unique?

The wide variety of templates and real-time collaboration features offered by Cohesive set it apart and make it necessary for anyone working on content production. With its AI-powered editing features, you can be sure that your material will be excellent and optimized to achieve your unique conversion objectives.

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality content can be made in a lot less time with this efficiency boost.
  • Teams can communicate and manage their projects more efficiently because of improved collaboration.
  • Material optimization creates exciting material that is geared toward conversions.
  • The interface is designed to be user-friendly, so people of various skill levels may use it with ease.


  • The sheer variety of options, especially templates and functionalities, may be intimidating to new users.
  • It may take some time for some users to get used to the AI-powered editing features.
  • The ability to work together in real-time is dependent on having a reliable internet connection.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

For one-time uses or smaller projects, the free plan gives you a taste of what Cohesive offers, with access to basic templates and restricted content production options.

Paid Plan

For $25/month, businesses and professional content creators can access all 200+ selected themes, advanced AI editing, and real-time collaboration tools on the subscription plan. This unlocks all the possibilities of Cohesive.


1. What is Cohesive AI?

With its AI genius and your imagination, it’s easy to make excellent videos. Use a powerful editor to effortlessly revise, edit, and publish.

2. Is cohesive AI worth it?

Anyone with a limited budget or time who has to develop a wide variety of copy or pictures will find Cohesive AI to be an excellent platform due to the different choices it offers.

3. Who owns cohesive AI?

In 2023, Hemesh Singh—Co-Founder and CTO of Unacademy and his team created Cohesive, an AI-generated content creation platform that does it all. It is a language-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to help individuals, businesses, and other organizations in creating content.

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