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Caktus is an AI-powered study tool that can help you with your homework and other academic pursuits at a reasonable price.
Pricing Model: Paid
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What is Caktus?

A trustworthy AI solution provider, Caktus.ai combines innovative technology with subject expertise and a commitment to ethical business practices. Their dedication to offering first-rate services makes them an excellent resource to businesses seeking to leverage AI for increased growth and success in the modern digital age.


  • Revolutionary AI Assistant for Students

To aid students with their academics and assignments, Caktus offers first-rate AI support.

  • Affordability of AI Helper

Students who need academic help but don’t want to break the bank can find it at a reasonable price with Caktus.

  • Popular among students

With over 2.6 million users, Caktus AI appears to be a popular and successful tool for kids’ educational needs.

  • Get Coding Training

Students interested in learning to code also have access to Caktus’s materials and support system, which lets them progress through the learning process at their own speed.

How to Use Caktus

Caktus AI is easy to use and understand. After creating an account, students will have access to a number of tools meant to improve their performance in the classroom. Content generation, homework help, and coding lessons are all areas where AI can be of service. Caktus AI can provide students with personalized help and insights by taking their academic questions and assignments into consideration.

Who is Using Caktus?

  • Marketers: creating interesting and search engine optimization-friendly articles.
  • Business owners: Making processes more efficient and better decisions.
  • Freelancers: Turning in high-quality work and being more productive.

What Makes Caktus Unique?

Caktus AI stands out due to its exceptional efficiency in generating content and analyzing data. What really makes this product stand out is its capacity to offer tailored content strategies and suggestions supported by AI-driven insights. Every piece of content or data analysis is of the highest quality and completely aligns with user goals and needs according to this tailored approach.

Pros & Cons


  • Caktus.ai focuses in AI and machine learning, with a team of highly skilled people who have extensive experience in these domains.
  • The AI solutions offered by Caktus.ai are designed to be specifically adapted to each client’s requirements, allowing for the development of unique plans and programs.
  • Promoting ethical practices and minimizing biases, Caktus.ai places an emphasis on openness, equity, and responsibility in their AI models.
  • Caktus.ai’s data science expertise enables firms to use data analytics for data-driven decision-making and opportunity identification.


  • Caktus.ai may not provide enough information regarding individual projects, case studies, or client testimonials that is available to the public.
  • Clear and concise pricing information is not always easily accessible on the internet. In order to receive personalized quotes, it is recommended to contact Caktus.ai directly.
  • As a result of the high level of competition in the AI industry, companies may need to compare Caktus.ai’s services to those of other companies to find the best fit for their needs.
  • Due to resource constraints, project durations may be lengthened or availability may be reduced during peak periods; these restrictions are dependent on the size and complexity of the project.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

There is no free plan.

Paid Plan

To use all of Caktus AI’s functions, you have to pay $14.99 monthly or $99.99 a year. Subscriptions automatically renew.


1. How does Caktus work?

With the use of the CORE database and a huge language model, Caktus is able to provide excellent educational outcomes. When you’re not in class, Caktus can be a cheap academic resource.

2. What is the price?

For $14.99 monthly or $99.99 annually, you can get Caktus. Auto-renewing subscriptions are what this is all about.

3. How about if I bring Caktus to class?

If you’re having trouble taking notes or thinking of class topics, try using caktus! Caktus has become an integral part of many professors’ curricula.

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