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Brisk Teaching

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Brisk Teaching makes teaching easier by seamlessly integrating with platforms you currently use, such as Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, YouTube, and articles.
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Brisk Teaching

What is Brisk Teaching?

Brisk Teaching is a Chrome extension that offers AI-powered help to instructors. Brisk Teaching, which uses advanced AI algorithms, provides a wide range of features to improve teaching and learning.


  • Targeted AI Feedback

Teachers may quickly and accurately deliver standards-aligned evaluations, minimizing grading time and improving student feedback.

  • General AI Feedback

This option gives lab reports and essays personalized input, which is helpful.

  • Worksheets & Lessons about AI

This technology lets educators create rigorous, flexible learning resources for varied learning requirements.

  • Google Docs integration

Google Docs integration simplifies activity and assignment development and sharing, improving the digital classroom experience.

  • Reading Level Converter

All children, including those with special needs or English language learners, can access suitably leveled texts since teachers can alter their reading level.

  • AI Detection

This feature checks student effort and identifies AI-generated content for academic integrity.

How to Use Brisk Teaching?

  • Brisk Teaching is a Chrome Extension.
  • Once installed, you can use it on your existing web pages and documents.
  • Brisk assists you with developing content, providing comments, and making materials available to all of your students.

Who is Using Brisk Teaching?

  • Brisk Teaching is clearly intended for educators, notably teachers.
  • Their website notably addresses K-12 instructors and provides instances of how teachers are using the software.
  • While there is no actual data, Brisk Teaching does say that “thousands of teachers” have used their program.

What Makes Brisk Teaching Unique?

This is because Brisk is not a standalone application but instead a Google Chrome extension, which enables it to work well with other applications. This means that it goes hand in hand with tools teachers currently use such as Google Docs, Classroom, and Slides. Hence, teachers won’t need to shift between platforms hence they will have their time saved.

Among several AI-powered feedback options available in Brisk is “Inspect Writing” feature which analyzes and repeats the writing process. This feature is more than simple grammar checks and provides deep insights to both students and academic staff members.

Pros and Cons


  • Brisk may modify reading difficulty levels and provide personalized feedback to meet the various needs of its students.
  • Brisk works smoothly with Google Workspace resources such as Docs and Classroom, making it familiar and user-friendly for teachers.
  • Brisk can help you create quizzes, slideshows, and interactive activities to increase student engagement.


  • Teachers may become unduly reliant on AI-generated information and feedback, failing to build their own educational methodologies.
  • AI may not always be precise, particularly with complex themes or subtle writing styles. Teachers must critically analyze AI output.
  • Features such as AI writing recognition may hinder creativity or result in an “arms race” between pupils and technology.

Pricing and Plan

Free Plan

This plan includes access to several essential services, such as basic feedback tools, content production aid, and accessibility settings.

Premium Plan

Schools and districts can purchase a premium plan, which includes additional features such as targeted feedback, student intervention ideas, and alignment with educational standards.


1. Is there a privacy concern with Brisk Teaching?

Brisk Teaching defines its data privacy procedures in its terms of service. It is critical to review these to understand how student data is gathered and handled.

2. Is AI-generated feedback reliable?

AI feedback is a valuable tool, but it does not replace human evaluation. Teachers should constantly evaluate AI output cautiously and provide tailored comments.

3. Can Brisk Teaching help me develop a whole lesson plan?

Yes, Brisk can help you create a lesson plan framework, which includes learning objectives, activities, and assessments. However, you will most likely need to tailor it to your individual teaching style and student needs.

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