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Booke AI

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Booke AI is designed to uncategorized transactions, reduce coding errors, increase customer communication, and automate more of your process, allowing you to focus on what is most important in your organization.
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Booke AI

What is Booke AI?

Booke.ai is powered by AI bookkeeping software designed to transform the accounting business. It automates ordinary bookkeeping procedures, allowing businesses to focus on growth and providing value to their customers.

Booke.ai’s chatbot and email assistant tools may automatically categorize transactions, rectify coding problems, and allow for seamless communication with clients.


  • Automated transaction categorization

Booke.ai employs artificial intelligence to automatically categorize transactions, minimizing manual work and improving bookkeeping accuracy.

  • Error detection and correction

The software detects and corrects coding problems, ensuring that your financial records are accurate and reliable.

  • Real-time financial insights

Booke.ai offers real-time financial insights, enabling organizations to make intelligent decisions based on their financial data.

  • Seamless Communication

The platform enables seamless communication between firms and their accountants, thereby increasing collaboration and efficiency.

  • Integration of Accounting Software

Booke.ai interacts with major accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero, allowing for seamless data synchronization and process automation.

  • Chatbot and Email Assistant Features

Booke.ai includes chatbot and email assistant services to help clients communicate and provide better customer care.

How to Use Booke AI?

  • Register and create an account.
  • Connect bank and financial accounts.
  • Customize preferences in the dashboard.
  • Review and validate automatically grouped transactions.
  • Address any detected errors and make changes.
  • Access real-time financial insights on the dashboard.
  • Use chatbots and email assistants to communicate.
  • Ensure connectivity with accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online or Xero.

Who is Using Booke AI?

  • Small enterprises want to streamline their bookkeeping processes.
  • Freelancers and independent contractors manage their finances.
  • Accounting firms attempt to increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Financial advisors offer individualized financial management services.
  • Startups and entrepreneurs can focus on business growth without bothering about bookkeeping.
  • Nonprofit organizations manage their financial records and budgets efficiently.

What Makes Booke AI Unique?

Booke AI stands out due to its AI-powered automation, which streamlines bookkeeping procedures and reduces errors. Its seamless communication solutions, including chatbots and email assistants, promote effective collaboration between users and financial advisors.

Real-time financial insights provide crucial data-driven decision-making support, and connectivity with key accounting software platforms assures consistent data synchronization.

Pros & Cons


  • Automation saves time and effort in bookkeeping.
  • Communicating with accountants and financial consultants is easier with seamless technologies.
  • Real-time financial insights enable data-driven decision-making.
  • Data synchronization is seamless with major accounting applications.
  • Financial records are more accurate with error detection and rectification.


  • Initial setup and customization may take time.
  • Technology dependence can cause system downtime.
  • New procedures and processes may require user adjustment.
  • Less feature-rich than other accounting packages.
  • Subscriptions may be too expensive for small firms or freelancers.

Pricing & Plan

AI Bookkeeping Platform Plan

The monthly cost is $20 or $18 if invoiced annually. It offers automated transaction classification, error correction, real-time financial insights, smooth communication, and accounting software connection.

Robotic AI Bookkeeper Plan

It costs $50 per month or $45 per month if billed annually. It contains all AI-Driven Bookkeeping Platform Plan features plus chatbot and email assistance.


1. What are the main features of Booke.ai?

Booke.ai provides automated transaction categorization, error correction, real-time financial insights, seamless communication, and accounting software connection. Chatbot and email helper are included.

2. What are the pricing plans for Booke.ai?

AI-Driven Bookkeeping Platform and Robotic AI Bookkeeper are Booke.ai’s pricing plans. While the former costs $20 per month or $18 per month if invoiced annually, the latter costs $50 per month or $45 per month.

3. Does Booke.ai offer a free trial?

Booke.ai offers a free trial.

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