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Arcwise lets you design anything from your spreadsheet at any scale, just like other AI tools. Create amazing reports and models without limits.
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What is Arcwise?

For analytical but non-technical business customers, Arcwise provides a platform that allows them to create, publish, and manage data and ML apps directly from their spreadsheets. They’re “arcing” the gap between spreadsheets and notebooks to create a shared workspace to help business operators and technical data experts work together.

  • Arcwise uses GPT to clean data, offer formula help, explain sheets, and create reports. This speeds up and improves accuracy.
  • The purpose of Arcwise is to empower all people by simplifying and standardizing data work. Its two main offerings are Arcwise and Arcwise AI.
  • With Arcwise, you may access your data store through a connection and edit spreadsheets with billions of rows. To publish to your data warehouse or as dbt models, you can construct models and reports that a BI tool couldn’t manage. Clean your data, get formula help, explain your sheet, and produce reports with GPT’s direction.


  • Improve Your Spreadsheets with Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI improves your spreadsheets by adding advanced data analysis features, automating mundane processes, and delivering helpful suggestions.

  • Streamline Your Data Analysis Process

Arcwise uses GPT to help with cleaning the data, formula support, sheet explanations, and report production. This makes your data analysis faster and more accurate.

  • No Need for SQL or Code

Arcwise is a user-friendly data analysis tool that doesn’t require any coding or SQL queries, making it ideal for people without technical expertise.

How to Use Arcwise

Joining your data team with Arcwise is as easy as creating an account, importing your spreadsheet data, and sending out invitations. After that, you may work together on data analysis, make infographics, and quickly communicate what you found.

What Makes Arcwise Unique?

Date column reformatting, address normalization, answer summarization, and content scraping from browser tabs into tables are some of the data cleaning and scraping tasks that Arcwise AI can help with.

Pros & Cons


  • Connect to your data warehouse and edit billions of spreadsheet rows with Arcwise. This lets you get data without shuffling CSVs.
  • Unlike other BI tools, Arcwise allows you to design anything from your spreadsheet at any scale. Create amazing reports and models without limits.
  • 9,000+ Flexport, Uber, Meta, and Allbirds users trust Arcwise.
  • Arcwise uses GPT to clean data, offer formula help, explain sheets, and create reports. This speeds up and improves accuracy.
  • Arcwise publishes spreadsheets in code to your data warehouse or data models. This aids analysis scaling and collaboration.


  • Arcwise is in beta and may have bugs that affect your work. You may need updates or fixes to use some features.
  • Arcwise’s Google Sheets AI copilot requires a Chrome extension. This may not work in other browsers or devices.
  • You may not find all data sources or formats in Arcwise. Arcwise may require data conversion or import.
  • It may compromise data security or privacy. You may need to trust Arcwise with sensitive data and follow their terms of service.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Ideal for individuals or small-scale projects, Arcwise’s free plan gives basic access to all of its features.

Paid Plan

Business and enterprise-specific features, improved performance, and support for bigger datasets are all part of the premium subscription. Visit the Arcwise website for more information regarding prices.


1. Who founded Arcwise?

Rahul Bali, Hanson Wang, and James Davis started Arcwise.

2. How does arcwise AI work?

By directly integrating spreadsheets with massive datasets stored in data warehouses, the innovative Arcwise add-on simplifies data analysis procedures.

3. Are non-technical persons able to use Arcwise?

Arcwise is perfect for businesses because it is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or SQL queries, so even non-technical users may use it.

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