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Animated Drawings

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Animated drawings by Meta AI Research provide an immense variety of character movements.
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Animated Drawings

What are Animated Drawings?

  • Animated Drawings is a tool that allows children to bring their creative ideas to life via the use of advanced algorithms. It is an interesting combination of art and technology that you want to experience. Through the use of innovative tools like Detectron2 and AlphaPose, we can translate the drawings that your children have created into animated animations that are guaranteed to engage and inspire them.
  • Parents and guardians can simply turn their children’s drawings to life by using our simple upload method. To create a fun and interesting animation, just submit the drawing picture, and then watch as it magically changes into a video.
  • However, this is not all that our tool has to offer; it also provides the opportunity to submit the animated pictures to a public dataset for the sake of research, which contributes to the speed of the creation of creative tools for children.
  • Whether you want to make animations that are shareable on social media, contribute to cutting-edge research, or delight and inspire your children, our Animated Drawings tool is the ideal combination of creativity and technology: it allows you to do all of these things. Experience the magic right now!


  • Free and Browser-Based

You don’t have to download or install anything to use the tool; you can just go to your web browser and use it.

  • User-Friendly design

The design is made to be smooth from beginning to end, making it perfect for newbies and kids.

  • Animation Editor

The application includes an animation editor that gives users the ability to change and improve their drawings by adding a broad range of different motions and effects. Users can bring their characters to life via the use of animations that are both dynamic and engaging due to this functionality.

  • Automatic Object Recognition

The tool makes use of innovative artificial intelligence technology to effortlessly identify things included within the drawings. Not only does this make the animation process easier to understand, but it also guarantees that the animations are accurate and realistic for the viewer.

  • Motions of Characters

With only a few clicks, users can effortlessly create their characters walk, dance, leap, and perform a variety of other movements. The animations are made more interactive and entertaining by allowing for a variety of specified motions that may be applied to the characters. The tool provides a wide range of these movements.

  • Educative and Inspiring

The Animated Drawings tool is designed to act as a helpful tool, exposing users to the world of artificial intelligence and animation in a manner that is both entertaining and interesting. In addition to this, it acts as a source of inspiration, allowing users to discover new possibilities in animation and let their imagination go crazy.

Pros & Cons


  • Bring children’s artwork to life to motivate them.
  • Make social media and family memories animations.
  • Study and improve children’s creative skills.


  • Creating even simple animation sequences takes time and work.
  • Technical Complexity
  • Dependence on Technology

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

The Animated Drawings tool has a full free plan that doesn’t have any limits or hidden costs. All features can be fully used by users,

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