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Almanack AI streamlines knowledge management and team collaboration with robust task management, document approvals, and real-time collaboration.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Almanack?

Almanack is software for managing knowledge and collaborative workflows. With its help, groups may combine all of their documentation into one easily searchable source. Task management, document approvals, version control, and connectivity with third parties are all features of the software. This makes teamwork easier and ensures that everyone is on the same page.


  • Presentations Purpose-Built for Education

Tools that are specifically designed for the purpose of educating students, with the goal of producing presentations that are simultaneously interesting and informative.

  • Plans for the long term

In order to make the process of planning your year more manageable, Almanack has developed long-range plans. When you are planning a full course, use them at the beginning of the year.

  • Alignment of Standards and Curriculum

You can develop aligned lesson plans and resources by selecting from more than 500 state standards and international curriculums using the options provided.

  • Preparing for Lessons

Using Almanack’s user-friendly interface and artificial intelligence recommendations, you can create lesson plans and other course materials. Save time and create engaging lessons that are tailored to the requirements of the students.

  • Creation of a full Lesson Plan

With the support of AI-driven tools, you may swiftly and effectively create full lesson plans.

  • Version Control

Controlling versions involves keeping a record of the modifications made to documents and preserving a transparent version history.

  • Integrate Applications from Third Parties

Connecting Almanack with other productivity and collaboration applications will allow you to improve its capabilities.

  • Interactive Resources for Education

You may build interactive resources for your classes, such as slide decks, worksheets, and quizzes, and you can also get recommendations for videos to watch.

How to Use Almanack

To centralize documentation, collect all of the documents that your team has created and put them into the searchable database that Almanack provides. Make use of the task management tool to assign and monitor project tasks.

Streamline the approval process by integrating document review and approval workflows. This will help you streamline the approval experience.

Who is Using Almanack?

Members of the product and marketing teams, as well as software developers, executives, and remote employees.

What Makes Almanack Unique?

Not only does Almanack stand out with its extensive collection of tools for managing workflows and paperwork, but it also serves as a necessary tool for fostering cohesive teamwork. Because of its integration capabilities and advanced version control system, it guarantees that all members of the team stay informed.

Pros & Cons


  • Advanced software for managing tasks and documents.
  • Streamlined processes for obtaining permission.
  • Document history and solid version control are also included.
  • Integration with third-party programs that is completely seamless.


  • An educational process may be involved for new users.
  • Depending on the functionality, a membership can be required.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

  • Offering the most fundamental features.

Paid Plan

  • For access to more advanced features and tools, choose the paid plan, which costs $11.99 per month.


1. What kinds of customizations does Almanack support?

In order to improve its capabilities and optimize workflows, Almanack incorporates a wide range of third-party applications that it supports.

2. Does the Almanack web app have a mobile version?

Yes, Almanack does provide a mobile app that allows you to access your documents and functions related to task management when you are on the move.

3. What kind of version control system does Almanack use?

It is possible for users to monitor changes made to papers and revert to earlier versions of the document if necessary because Almanack keeps a detailed version history for all of the documents.

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