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Airship AI offers AI-powered solutions that let retail, law enforcement, defense and intelligence, and logistics customers get the data they need, when they need it, and where they need it.
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Airship AI

What is Airship?

Airship AI is an advanced surveillance technology that uses artificial intelligence to manage data, sensors, and video. Using the most recent innovations in edge and cloud-based analytics, our customers depend on our services to deliver real-time actionable intelligence gathered from a diverse array of deployed sensors. Both public and private sector clients benefit from these capabilities, which increase operational efficiency and public safety.

Airship AI was started in 2006 and is owned and run by Americans. Its headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. The enterprise software stack Acropolis, the viewing client family Command, and the edge hardware and software AI products Outpost make up Airship’s range of products.

In addition to providing analytics and data solutions, Airship provides a platform that facilitates client engagement and lifecycle marketing. It is possible to communicate with clients through any conceivable engagement channel, starting with the notification and message solutions. These channels include apps, web browsers, email, SMS, and multiple more.


  • Transforming Video, Data, and Sensor Management

Oversees the entire lifecycle of data, from collection to consumption.

  • Comprehensive AI Solutions

Developers and engineers looking for superior AI capabilities will be pleased with the complete AI solutions.

  • Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing helps keep clients interested all the way through, from sending them messages to making detailed marketing plans.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions

For flexible and reliable data handling, edge and cloud-based solutions use advanced analytics both on the edge and in the cloud.

  • Secure Data Management

Protect your data with advanced security features by making sure you follow industry standards with Secure Data Management.

  • Multi-Use Product Line

It contains a wide variety of software stacks, viewing clients, and edge AI solutions.

How to Use Airship

The integration of Airship AI into other systems has the potential to improve the management of data, video, and sensors by making use of its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. The use of its products to gather and analyze data in real-time is something that users can do in order to improve operational efficiency and decision-making effectiveness.

Who is Using Airship?

  1. Retailers: To improve the safety and pleasure of customers.
  2. Law enforcement: To maintain public safety and improve monitoring.
  3. Defense and information: To do advanced data analysis and collection of information.
  4. Logistics companies: to make operations run more smoothly and handle the supply chain better.

What Makes Airship Unique?

With its ability to provide you with useful information in real time, Airship AI differentiates out from the competition since it makes use of both edge and cloud-based analytics. This capability is magnified by the company’s comprehensive product lineup, which caters to a wide variety of applications across a broad spectrum of domains.

Pros & Cons


  • Advanced management of data and sensors driven by AI.
  • Actionable information in real-time.
  • It has a lot of different uses in a variety of industries.
  • Increases efficiency and safety.


  • It takes work to find detailed information about prices.
  • At first, it may need a lot of work to set up and integrate.

Pricing & Plan

Free Plan

Not available.

Paid Plan

Contact Airship AI for more information on prices and custom options.


1. What types of businesses can use Airship AI’s solutions?

Retail, law enforcement, defense and intelligence, and logistics can all benefit from Airship AI’s answers.

2. What are the main things that Airship AI sells?

Airship AI has the Outpost edge hardware and software AI products, the Command viewing client family, and the Acropolis business software stack.

3. Are Airship AI’s services good for both public and private clients?

Yes, the features of Airship AI make business more efficient and keep people safer for both public and private clients.

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