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Agnai platform that allows users to converse with AI characters for free, and enlivens their conversations with pictures.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Agnaistic?

Agnaistic AI, unlike other platforms, is a free and open source tool for communicating with different AI characters. However, the main features that distinguish Agnai are its flexible nature, versatility as well as being an open source platform that can be expanded by any AI engine.


  • Free and Open Source:

Agnaistic is completely free to use for any purpose, and its source code is freely available for customization and community development.

  • Unfiltered discussions

For example, unlike some other platforms, there are no safety restrictions on Agnaistic that limit you from having real-time chats with AI characters.

  • Multiple AI Models

Agnaistic allows users to choose from various built-in AI models or develop their own custom ones, which gives them more power over the kind of interaction they desire.

  • Character Import

With this system, you can import the profiles of existing AI characters found in other platforms hence expanding your choice of characters.

  • Image Generation (Free Version)

The free version has a unique function that allows you to generate images between chats based on your instructions and the character you’re chatting with.

How to Use Agnaistic?

  • Visit the Agnaistic website (https://agnai.chat/).
  • Browse the available characters or import one from another platform.
  • Choose a character and type a message to start a discussion.
  • Feel free to try out different pre-built AI models for various conversation styles, if you are comfortable.

Who is Using Agnaistic?

  • Because Agnaistic is open source, developers can contribute to the coding while researchers can explore human-AI interaction inside its framework.
  • Some content creators may use Agnaistic to develop creative text formats or investigate character interactions for their work (with correct acknowledgment).

What makes Agnaistic Unique?

Unlike many chatbots that use safety filters, Agnaistic permits unconstrained interactions, allowing for a more in-depth examination of characters and subjects.

Agnaistic is free and open-source, making it accessible to anyone. Users can contribute to the codebase, which promotes community growth and customisation.

Agnaistic provides versatility by giving a range of pre-built AI models, each with unique strengths and conversation styles. You can select the model that best represents your desired interaction.

Pros and Cons


  • There is no cost to use, and open source code enables for customization and community growth.
  • Offers the unique option to hold unfettered talks with AI characters, which is beneficial for creative exploration.
  • Provides versatility by using pre-built models or creating your own for specific interaction types.


  • Setting up and exploiting advanced capabilities, such as developing custom models, necessitates technical knowledge.
  • Unfiltered chats may include foul or NSFW language; proceed with caution.
  • Designed mostly for roleplaying, it may not be suitable for retrieving strictly true information.

Pricing and Plan

Free model

Agnaistic is a free and open-source project. You can check the code of this project for yourself, it is published on GitHub (https://github.com/agnaistic/agnai). This means that anyone can use it for free and even take part in its development.


1. How do I initiate a discussion with an AI character?

Visit the Agnaistic website, select a character, then enter your message into the chat box.

2. Can I utilize many AI models?

Yes, Agnaistic provides pre-built models with a variety of communication styles. You can experiment to choose your preferred model.

3. How can I import characters from other platforms?

Agnaistic allows you to import character profiles from other platforms, which expands your interaction choices.

4. What is the image generation functionality (free version)?

The free version allows you to create graphics depending on prompts and the character you’re engaging with, bringing a visual element to your roleplay.

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