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Aceify AI tool aims at revolutionizing the way students learn by recording visual content, giving instant feedback and selecting right answers automatically.
Pricing Model: Freemium
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What is Aceify?

Aceify AI is a special learning friend for school children, which can be used as a Google Chrome plug-in. Its aim is to alter the practice of education through taking visuals, giving quick answers and choosing the right responses by itself.

This platform gathers data from online quizzes and exams and keeps it for further study to help you understand better what you have learned.


  • Personalized learning

Techniques that have been formulated on the basis of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals to help them develop skills further and achieve their objectives.

  • Progress tracking

The system keeps track of users’ progress and identifies areas where they can improve. In this way, people stay motivated throughout the course of achieving what is targeted.

  • Skill Assessment

Aceify.ai uses multiple exercises, quizzes, and exams to test learners’ abilities and determine their’ level of competency in a subject or topic.

  • Adaptive Learning

Artificial intelligence is used by this platform to adjust the type of content provided based on how well a student does in his studies. This makes sure that learners consistently get challenged at the proper levels with relevant materials that enhance their learning.

How to Use Aceify?

  • Install the Aceify AI Chrome Extension.
  • Complete an online quiz or evaluation.
  • Aceify AI might AutoSelect the solution (verify for accuracy).
  • For math issues, use Snap & Solve (which captures pictures of solutions).
  • Use Smart Search to find the answers to your queries.
  • Review past quizzes to find areas for improvement.

Who is Using Aceify?

  • Aceify is used by professional tennis players to create high-quality training plans and receive expert assistance.
  • Aceify is used by amateur and recreational players to improve their skills through tailored instruction.
  • The software allows tennis teachers to connect with players, conduct lessons, and manage their teaching schedules.
  • Tennis fans learn tactics, strategies, and drills to improve their knowledge of the game.
  • The software is suitable for people of all ages and ability levels, from beginners to advanced players looking for professional guidance.

What Makes Aceify Unique?

Aceify can assist the users with their personal inputs and give them feedbacks on areas that need changes from the data got online and through tests.

The latter focuses more on the learning experience unlike other booking platforms, it offers a number of features such as AI-based customized coaching clips and performance assessment.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative AI-driven study solutions.
  • Compatible with major educational platforms.
  • Offers a unique Snap & Solve feature for visual content.


  • Only available as a Chrome browser plugin.
  • There is no offline mode. If you lose your internet connection, Aceify AI will not function.
  • There is no option to view features or study materials offline.
  • The complete set of functionality may be behind a paywall, and the free tier’s capabilities may be limited.

Pricing and Plan


This plan includes essential features such as answer selection and a screenshot tool to capture questions.

Aceify Plus

This subscription plan costs $9.99/month. It includes all features, such as AI-powered arithmetic problem solutions, thorough explanations, and a more powerful search engine.


1. What kind of quizzes does Aceify AI work with?

Aceify AI was most likely developed to operate with multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which are ubiquitous in online quizzes and evaluations.

2. Does Aceify AI offer me answers right away?

While it may highlight accurate answers, Aceify AI appears to prioritize helping you learn the content above merely presenting answers.

3. Can I utilize Aceify AI across all websites?

Aceify AI’s capability as a Chrome extension is most likely confined to Chrome and may not be compatible with all websites.

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